Monday, December 1, 2014

We Need a Little Christmas

I love Christmas and all its meaning.  It's especially fun having little ones at an age where everything is so magical to them.  And although getting everything out and having to put it away later is a daunting task I hate doing, I'm always pleased with the outcome when finished.  
I really wanted some new things for my front porch so I found this darling lantern and matching wreath at a local store and went to town with it. 
A friend of mine had this wooden manger made for me since I couldn't stop coveting the one she had at her house.  I love it and was SO excited to get to use it this year.  
My Piano Mantel
Since we will be having 3 little ones running around shortly I went and got new stockings for the kids.
I have to say I have a whole new appreciation for my mother when I was a kid and she let us help with the decorating of the tree.  Griffin kept pulling the bulbs off and then trying to shove them somewhere else.  Fischer was determined to stop and play with EVERY ornament that came out.  (which was something I know I used to do as a kid too).  The tree seemed to take FOREVER to decorate but hopefully it created memories and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves.

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Brooke said...

It all looks great! I love how your manger came together and your lantern on the porch looks so cute!