Saturday, March 18, 2017

Master Bath

I decided I wanted to add a pop of color to my master bath room so I painted an accent wall.  Karl wasn't thrilled about the purple but he wasn't in town so he didn't get much of a say.  He's fine with it now but he was a bit surprised by my color choice.  I live in a houseful of boys and I determined I was entitled to one wall that was a bit more feminine in color.

Drake's Lollypop

This boy sure loves his suckers. 

Great Grandma Clara

The other day the boys and I got to go and visit with this amazing woman.  We sure love Great Grandma Clara.

Random Pictures of the boys

 Griffin had gotten new spider-man shoes and wanted me to take a picture of them.  He thinks they are the coolest shoes ever.

My Birthday

For my birthday this year I wanted to do something fun with the kids.  Karl was out of town so the boys and I made the most of it.  I decided that this year I would spoil myself and actually make a cake for myself.
It was a chocolate cake with mounds center, coconut cream frosting and covered in chocolate ganache.  It was super yummy.

 That afternoon the kids and I went bowling and played some arcades.  I hit the jackpot on a game and won over 2500 tickets.  This is a picture of the kids with just some of the stuff they received from our ticket winning.

 We decided no birthday was complete without icecream. So the boys and I stopped at Cold Stone.

had to throw in a silly face picture.
For dinner we met up with my parents and went out to eat at a local Mexican place.  Karl later surprised me with not only tickets to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie but also with a round trip ticket to Virginia.  I've been wanting to see my sister who lives there and now I can.  Thanks Karl, even though you couldn't be a part of  my special day in person you still found ways to make me feel special.  Love you!

Valentine's Day

Valentine's is one of my favorite holidays.  The kids seem to really enjoy it as well. 
This was Fischer's first year making a valentine's box.  He and his dad worked hard on his valentines alligator

 I had made these heart sugar cookies for the boys.  Karl didn't get one because he was out of town. I also had some fun goodies waiting for them in the morning.

 Sure love these boys of mine.  They really do capture my heart.
Even though Karl was away he had these flowers delivered to me.
 The older boys serenaded me with a special "I love you" song.  It was actually really cute and sweet.  They had gone down stairs to practice together and then came up and gave me a performance.
 That night the boys and I finished the night by making heart shaped pizzas.
I'm so lucky to have these amazing boys in my life.  I love them more then words could ever express.  They make me feel special and loved every day.  It may get tiring sometimes being a mom of all boys but there really isn't anything better then being in the middle of one big group hug or "boy trap" as Fischer like to call it.