Sunday, May 29, 2011


It was so fun being right on the beach.  It was gorgeous and I loved watching the dolphins in the distance play. 
This was the view from the house we were staying at.
Tuesday night the kids found a treasure map that had clues to buried treasure.  
X marks the spot. 
All the kids started digging 
It took alot of work but we were finally able to get the treasure chest out of the sand. 
Opening the treasure 
Fischer was found a sucker in the treasure chest and he was excited about it.
Reaping the rewards of treasure hunting 

Vantura-Six Flags

Karl, Fischer, and I had such a blast at Six Flags.  I let Karl go off with his cousins so that he could get in some of the bigger rides while Fischer and I made our way to the Kiddie Land.  Fischer was interested in everything and had a good time on the rides.
This was us with Bugs Bunny
Cruisin' right along 
We had a fun time riding with Lori and Parker 
Kinsley & Brinley 
Cannon & Kylie 
Fischer LOVED Tweetie.  After we took our picture with him I let him down to walk a bit and he ran straight to tweetie.  It was pretty cute.
The Splash Pad 
This ride was Fischer 1st big ride.  He was such a trooper.  He was ready to get off by the end but he didn't cry at all.  After the ride everyone gave a shout out to him for doing so well and a bunch of teenagers that were there that got off before we did stood in a line as we got off to give Fischer high fives.  Needless to say he thought he was pretty cool. 


The kids had a fun seeing all the different animals at the aquarium. 
Fischer liked the colorful fishes the best  
Checking out stuff with Dad
They had a touch pond area where the kids could feel sea stars and other marine organisms 
My lil' oyster 
This was a tunnel that the kids could run through and check out some of the sea life.  Fischer had fun running back and forth through the tunnel. 

Monterey-Park, Beach, & Other

We arrived in Monterey pretty early so we all decided to take the kids to a local park.  This park was AWESOME!  It had a train them where tracks followed around the park to different stations of places that a train may go by.  Things like a boat play place, a bridge, waterfalls-slides, mountains-rock wall).  They had so many different areas for kids to play in.  It was fun park.

Kinsley & Brinley playing in the sand 
Cute Fischie feet 
Fischer went with Uncle Kelly to go check out the waves. 
Instead the wave came and checked him out 
Needless to say he wasn't very happy about getting so wet. Can't say I blamed him, the water was really cold.

In Monterey they have this 17 mile drive that takes you around the City showing of popular golf courses such as Pebble Beach and the coast.

Fischer getting Daddy
Daddy getting Fischer