Monday, September 29, 2014

Big Brothers!

So...if you haven't guessed it by the picture, our family is expecting.  Baby Christensen is due to arrive April 2015.  We are looking forward to add the final addition to our family and can't wait to find out if we will be an all boy family, or if a little girl will grace us with her presence.  I have been sick but doing well.  The boys are excited and Karl says Griffin's days are numbered...meaning he has potty training to master and a big boy bed to move into. Hopefully all goes well.  

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Eagle Mountain Rodeo

Yesterday we got to hang out at the Eagle Mountain Rodeo.  I love going to the rodeo its a fun place that makes me feel like I've gone back in time to the good old west.  The kids loved it to.  Griffin kept saying "wow" at all the events and Fischer loved hanging with his cousins.  I was hoping to get Fischer signed up for the mutton bustin (sheep riding) competition but when i went to sign him up it said he wasn't old enough, however after watching the event he would have been plenty big as some of those kids were no where near the age of 5.  Oh well...hopefully next year.

It was fun watching the buckin' broncos.

Both boys wanted to sit on daddy's lap.  

Going Shootin'

Karl thought it would be fun to go out and do some target shooting.  It was actually fun and I haven't shot a gun in years (which totally showed as I'm a terrible shot).  The kids enjoyed being out and it was a good opportunity to teach, show, and talk to the boys about gun safety and the right and wrong ways to handle a gun.

1st BYU Game

Karl took the boys to the first BYU football home game.  This was actually Griffin's first time experiencing the whole BYU game scene but he did pretty good considering how late the game was.  From what I'm told he even made friends with the gentleman sitting next to Grandpa Mike and was often found talking and sitting on this guys lap.
Daddy with his boys
Fischer got to give the players "fives" as they walked out onto the field
Grandpa and the boys

A Long Hike

Karl decided to take Fischer with him on a hike he and Andy were going on.  What was suppose to be an easy in and out 3 mile hike ended up being about 11 miles.  Fischer was a trooper however, he had to be carried most of the way back.