Sunday, September 24, 2017

Joyce's 60th Birthday

The Christensen family decided to get together in Park City to celebrate an amazing mother, grandma, and friend; Joyce, my mother-in-law.  Craig and Lori made the long drive from Oregon to join us in celebrating. We were glad they came and loved that we got to meet the newest member of the Christensen clan, baby Issac.  The weekend didn't exactly go as planned due to some unforeseen circumstances with Joyce's father.  We were worried that Joyce might not be able to come at all but she did and we made the most of it.  I believe everyone had a good time just hanging out. 
 I made this cake as part of a gift to her and a thanks for everything she has done for our family.  As requested, it was a carrot cake with cheesecake filling and cream cheese frosting.

Brooke came as early as allowed to set up decorations.  She put a lot of thought and work into it as she wanted Joyce to feel extra special when she arrived. 
This was only one of the tables she set up
 The cousins loved hanging out and getting to play.  

Cohen, Cannon, and Cooper were awesome to play tether-ball with Fischer.  He loves tether-ball and could play it non-stop.  


 We stopped and got lunch at Cafe Rio.
 Mike joined us later Saturday afternoon so we gathered for a quick family picture.

 Afterwords the kids braved the cold and swam in the hot tub.

Drake was Grandma's little buddy/shadow the entire trip.  He was practically glued to her side. 
We are so greatful for Joyce and all the love and care she gives each one of us.  I'm so blessed to have her in my life and glad that we could do something special for her.  It was fun getting together to do something different.

Drake's ER visit

So, last week when Drake was suppose to be down for a nap, I found him downstairs playing with a magnet puzzle thing we have.  As I went to get him I notice him chewing on something.  As I went to exam what it was one of the metal magnetic balls popped out of his mouth. However I noticed there was another piece he was still chewing on.  I Thought I saw it to be one of the little magnetic connecting pieces and as I screamed at him to spit it out. He jumped and then his eyes went wide and the item he was chewing on was no longer anywhere to be seen.  As I was demanding for him to tell me where it went (wasn't one of my most compassionate or brightest of moments) he cried and pointed to his belly.  So I called the pediatrician who advice me to take him to the Emergency Room immediately. So I grabbed the other two boys and off to the E.R. we went.
An hour and half of time and a couple of x-rays later it was determined that whatever he had swallowed wasn't magnetic and wasn't causing him any harm.  I'm so thankful he is and was okay but i'm pretty sure the sucker he received for holding still at the x-ray machine is probably going to be the most expensive sucker I've ever had to pay for.  

He sure thought his little wrist band was the coolest gift ever.  Wouldn't even let us take it off of him after we left.  He wore it around proudly the rest of the night.

Daddy's Birthday

Karl recently had a birthday.  The boys and I decided we wanted to make him feel special on his special day.
We went to his office and decorated his car.  Griffin was sure that daddy would think it was the "most beautiful-est thing in the world.  Daddy going to LOVE it!." 

We brought him balloons and some donuts for him and his coworkers.
 That night Karl wanted to go to the BMX course to try out his new gift.  A BMX bike.
 All the boys had a blast riding.
Hope you had a great birthday Karl.  We love you. 


What is it about boys and peeing everywhere?  Seriously it is so gross.
We had found out that a couple of the boys and their friend were using this little corner next to our garage as a peeing spot.  Apparently, coming inside took too much time away from play time. This was much faster. Needless to say, they got the "fun" task of scrubbing down that corner of the driveway.
 Then one day Fischer decided to dance around while doing his "thing."  So he also got to scrub down this toilet, floor, walls and baseboards.
Its a good thing I love these boys.  Such is the life with a mom and all boys.

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles

Random Favorites

Drake is dressed and ready to ride.

Face painting

boys decided to build this fort in the entryway/living room

Griffin got to have a special one on one BYU football date with Dad.  He loved it and cheered so loud. Go Cougars!

Griffin picked this carrot out of our garden.  The thing was almost as long as he was.

Me and the boys.

Fischer Fishing

Fischer loves fishing with his dad.

Skateboarding Drake

Shopping with Mom

1st Day of School

Fischer and Griffin both had their first day of school.  Fischer started 2nd grade and Griffin is started Pre-K.
 Couldn't let them leave for school without a picture of these handsome boys on their first day.