Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was alot of fun.  I love that we get to spend it with family.  The holiday's are so much fun with the kids.  I love seeing the magic and wonder in their eyes.  It really is a special time of year.
We caught Santa reading Fischer's note on our Santa cam.
The Boys were up bright and early eager to open the presents.  But they weren't the only ones excited for presents.  Sadie and Gus also enjoyed a treat from Santa.
Santa did not disappoint.  All the kids got what they were hoping for.

 My family came together and did breakfast and stayed to play for a bit.

That evening we got together with Karl's Family, hung out and had a great time just being together

 After dinner the little kids dressed up in the nativity outfits while Grandpa, Cohen and Kelly read the Christmas story.

Joseph: Drake

Shepard: Griffin

King: Fischer

Once the story was read we exchanged, opened, and played with our gifts.

The older boys sporting their BMX racing gear.

May we always remember the reason for the season, to be kind, to be grateful, and to enjoy our families.  Merry Christmas.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morning the boys and I got dressed and attended our churches Christmas program.  It was such a great meeting and a perfect way to feel the spirit of the holiday. 

The primary kids sang a Christmas Lullaby.

My Mom, Andy and the kids joined us later that night for dinner.  Afterwords we decorated cookies, played games, and had dessert.

These were all the cookies Drake decorated with the help of Grandma Kate

 The first game we played was Minute to win it decorate the tree.  Each team member chose a person to be the tree and they had a minute to get that person decked out.  Team 1 was Maddie, Drake, Grandma Kate, and Karl
 Team 2 was myself, Fischer, Hunter, and Griffin. Uncle Andy was the Judge and our team won.
The next game was "finding Rodulf.  Each player was given a red "nose" attached to a string. The idea was to fling the nose on top of your nose by holding the string in your mouth. Petroleum jelly was placed on each of the participants noses to help it stick.  

Karl won the reindeer games but we had a bunch of cute reindeer.

 That night the kids got to open there Christmas PJs

 Grandma Kate was nice enough to stay and read bedtime stories.

Even the dogs were enjoying the stories.

Since Grandma Kate was spending the night and sleeping in Fischer Room, the older boys slept in Griffins room.

Fischer is 8!

Fischer turned 8 last Friday.  I can't believe 8 years ago this boy made me a mother I love him more then there are words to say. Fischer day started a bit crazy.  The fire alarm to the house was going off due to a stupid battery thing but wouldn't shut off even after I changed out the old battery for a new one.  I called my friend at the Fire Department asking what it was I was missing.  Thinking there had to be some reset button that I wasn't getting.  Instead he came with the entire fire department crew, truck, lights and all and we all stood out in the cold in PJ's and blankets while they made sure we didn't have some CO2 thing going on.  There wasn't, my new battery was bad.  They replaced it with one of theirs and we were free to go back inside.  Fischer had gotten a BMX bike for his birthday.
 We met up with Grandpa Brian for lunch
 After we stopped at Cold Stone for his favorite icecream

 That afternoon we went iceskating

 Fischer wanted Pumpkin Pie as his dessert so we did a BMX pumpking pie