Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Sure love my little pirate family.  Happy Halloween from our family to yours.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Topsy Turvy

I love that I live close enough and have the kind of relationship with my Mom that we can hang out and just have some fun.  On Saturday my Mom and I went to a topsy turvy cake decorating class.  I'm so glad that she will come with me to these kind of things.  Of course she out does everyone with her impressive frosting and cake techniqueing (is that even a word?) abilities.  Even the instructor is overly impressed and seems somewhat intimidated but that's okay. My Mom is the ultimate buttercream master in my mind. Plus it makes me proud to say she's my mom and that I'm learning from her.  We had a fun time learning new techniques and just hanging out.  
Mom and I with our finished cakes.

My first topsy turvy cake.

Friday, October 24, 2014

My lil' pirate and parrot

Since our neighborhood had the Halloween party tonight, I thought I would snap some pictures of the kids in there costumes before we left. Fischer could hardly wait to put his costume on.  He was so excited.  He even won 1 of the 4 prizes in the best costume category for the kids at the party.
My lil Parrot
What's a pirate without his parrot?
Captain Fischer James Christensen


After the party I took the kids to our neighbors home (and good friend of mine) to check out their AMAZING Halloween decor.  They go out every year and it is truly unique to see what they pull off each year.  It's not shown in this picture but on the other side of the house they have a duck dynasty theme/swamp with the skeleton characters playing the theme song and a swamp with a swinging girl and alligators coming out of the foggy ground.  They have this bench set up for people to stop by and take pictures at their house.  George, the owner of the home and my former boss, was nice enough to get a picture of the kids and I together.
I'm so glad we have friends and neighbors who make the holidays so much fun for everyone around.

Feeding Ducks

The other day I took the kids to go feed the ducks at the pond in Daybreak.  We were glad when Aunt Kaylee and Rachel were able to join us. The kids LOVE seeing all the ducks.  Many of the ducks will steal the bread out of your hand if your not careful.  Griffin liked chasing the ducks around and we couldn't help but laugh at him "quacking" back at them.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Griffin's 2 Year Old Pictures, Plus Some

I LOVED how these pictures turned out.  I will warn you ahead of time of picture overload but I really had the hardest time narrowing these down to just these "few."  While out, we decided to get a few pictures of Fischer and the boys together.

Griffin's Family Party

I can't believe my (not so little) baby is turning 2.  Since Mom has not been feeling well we decided to go really low key this year.  Thankfully Griffin didn't mind. Instead of cake (since Mom can't handle the sight or smell of cake lately-those dang pregnancy hormones) we decided to go for brownie sundaes.  We loved having everyone who could come join us.
Griffin was a little unsure about the candles.
 Present opening time was a bit interesting as Griffin really could have cared less. However once we wrangled him up he seemed fairly interested.

 Of course no party would have been complete without some sort of meltdown.  Guess if it's your party you can have a fit if you want too right??? Griffin decided to throw himself on the ground and just lay there.
 Later after the guest had left, Griffin and Daddy engaged in an all-out sword fight. (the swords being gifts from family members)
We love having family close enough to share in these special moments.  Thanks to everyone who came.

Scout Campout

With Karl in Scouts he often goes on scouting trips.  This particular camp-out  included a hike up to Silver Lake in the Uinta Mountains.  It's about a 2 mile hike. Karl decided to take Fischer. Fischer did good hiking, however, the weather took a turn for the worst and they ended up camping out in a thunderstorm.   The hike back ended up being a bit of a challenge as everything was wet and muddy.  Fischer LOVED all the worms he saw and said he saw the biggest worm he's ever seen.  They also stumbled upon a moose which Karl had to scare off to continue on the trail.  Even with the poor weather I'm glad that Karl is sharing these moments with Fischer;  it makes for great memories and Fischer loves the time he gets to hang out with his dad and all the older kids.