Monday, September 30, 2013

Deer Hunt 2013

We spent the last week in the mountains of Boulder to join Karl and my sister's family on the Mussel Loader deer hunt.  Other then the cold wind the first few days we had a pretty good time.  My Brother-in-law Andy was nice enough to sacrifice the trailer for the kids and I to sleep in while he and Karl slept in the tent.  The kids had a blast hanging out, hunting, and fishing.
The first day out Karl took Fischer out hunting to look for deer.  They found a heard with a huge buck.  Karl says it was probably the biggest buck he had ever seen in the area.  He didn't think he would get a good shot with having Fischer but sure enough he did and hit the "once in a lifetime" deer.  The deer ran and after tracking him for a bit Fischer was getting tired and it was getting dark.  He brought Fischer back to camp and I went with him to see if we could track some more. I found a bit more blood but the sun was going down and Karl knew he would have to wait until morning.  The next day he and Andy went tracking some more hoping to find this prized deer he shot.  Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be and after hours of looking for this amazing deer and no other signs or trail of him we knew he was lost and left to be for the animals.
My Huntin' Boys
It wasn't all about hunting.  Fischer got some good fishing in. Here he is ready to go.

Griffin hanging out at the edge of the bank watching Dad fish.

Fischer was getting really good at casting and even hooked and reeled his very own fish.  Unfortunately Karl didn't have the camera with him and wasn't able to get a picture but Fischer was sure proud of himself and Dad was glowing with pride. 
Griffin LOVED going on 4-wheeler rides with his Uncle Andy.  He would have a grin from ear to ear every time Andy took him. 
The kids all decided to work together and built a fort. 
This was the finished fort. 
Fischer found a flower and had to show me how good it smelled. 
 After loosing the big buck Karl had hoped to get originally he eventually shot and killed this decent 4 point.

Prepping the meat

Our younger generation hunters

The hunters.

The leaves were so beautiful this time of year.  The picture really doesn't give it justice but the leaves were so bright and colorful.
I'm not the best of campers but I was glad I got to see and experience the hunt with my family.  It was fun watching the kids all play and get along.  It was nice to see the beauty of the mountains and the millions of stars at night.  It really makes me thankful for all the things I have and grateful for the beautiful world in which I get to live in.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Glenn & Torrie's Wedding

On September 6th my brother got married.  We had a good time celebrating in the union of Glenn and Torrie.  Fischer was the ring bearer and Karl was one of the grooms men.  It was fun seeing my hansom boys all dressed up.
My brother and the officiant

My Handsome Husband.

Hunter (Glenn's best man) walking with Torrie's Sister.
Fischer with his cousin Maddie

This was Glenn trying to hold back his emotions as he saw Torrie walking down the isle.

Reading Vows

Fischer got tired of standing during the ceremony. So he decided to squat.
The Newly Married Couple

My Fierce Sisters and I
The Girls

Best Man, Ring Bearer, & Flower Girl

First Dance
Fischer Dancing with Grandma Kate