Monday, March 28, 2011

Vintage Eggs

I've been feeling the need to be crafty lately.  Or at least attempt to be crafty.  I really wanted to decorate my house for Easter. However, I haven't wanted to spend the money to do so.  I saw  a picture of these eggs and thought, I can do that.  This was a great craft for me.  It was cheep, easy, and added just enough flair for my taste.
So here is what you will need to make your own vintage style easter eggs.

Plastic Eggs (I got mine at the dollar store)
Glue or Epoxy
Paper from an old book, scripture or hymn (I bought a bible at the dollar store and ripped pages out of it.  The look of the hymns on the eggs would be what I preferred but I just wasn't about to rip up my hymn book)-Newspaper could work too.
Buttons, ribbon, or whatever other nick-knacks you have around your house (not pictured)

Take your paper and cut it into strips.  Place glue or epoxy in a little plastic cup. (Note: if you use glue I added a bit of water to thin it down.) Place your strips of paper in the glue and place them over your plastic egg.
If you noticed, one of the eggs I did in pieces.  I didn't do that with most of them since it was extra work but I plan on decorating the half pieces, place some candy in it, and give it out as a gift to the ladies I visit teach.  For my house and decoration purposes I just covered the whole egg. 

Once all the eggs are covered let dry.  Gather together ribbon, lace, buttons, paper or nick-knacks you have lying around and decorate.  Place eggs in a basket, glass case, candle sticks or whatever you have. The possibilities are endless.
I removed my candle on my candle stick and placed my egg on it.  For added effect I added some of that moss stuff you can buy at the craft store (or steal some from a fake plant you have around the house- they all have it) to create a nest type effect
I had this little glass case so I placed a bunch of the smaller eggs in it.
It isn't much but it was just enough for me to feel like Easter is coming.  So for $3.00 (the two sets of eggs-big and small, and the bible I bought so I wouldn't have to rip up mine) I was able to give my house a bit of an Easter touch. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dinosaur Museum

Today Fischer and I went to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point.  We met up with Brooke and the kids.  Fischer was SO cute and the cousins were darling with him.  They all helped him out by showing him the different dinosaurs and holding his hand so he could walk with them!  He was interested in everything.  He would just stare through the glass looking at the dinosaurs.  He followed the kids around not wanting to be left behind.  Here are some pictures of today's outing.
Checking out the dinosaurs
The Gang
Mom and Fischer
"Getty Up Dino"
Diggin' for fossils
I'm so grateful to have family so close that we can get together to do these things.  I love that Fischer has cousins on both sides of the family that he gets to see so often.  He truly is one loved little boy.

Fun Times

Fischer and I have been having lots of fun lately.  I've been meaning to post pictures but I'm a little behind. Last week we met up with Brooke and her kids and went to Jump N' Bounce.  I wish I could say Fischer had a great time but he really wasn't that into it.  He had just started getting over being sick and I'm not sure he was completely better yet.


Kinsley and Fischer hanging out on the blow up ball
I love Fischer's face in this. It cracks me up.  This his him with Aunt Brooke and Kinsley

On Friday, Fischer was my date to the BYU National Dancesport (AKA: Ballroom Competition).  It was fun seeing old friends and watching all the dancers.  It really made me miss competing and dancing.  While there I got to see my favorite event.  The National Amateur Cabaret.  One of my good friends that I've known since High School competed in this event. It was fun seeing Fischer's face as he watched all the different dancers.  He seemed intrigued by the colorful ballgowns twirling around on the floor. 

This is Kurt and his partner.  They did really well and placed 4th.
This couple was AMAZING. (Picture Above)  The stunts they did were jaw dropping. My favorite number by far.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Too Funny not to share

Many of you know that I have been a big fan of Zumba.  Totally love it.  A friend posted this video and I just had to share.  (Once the video starts, double click on the screen to make it bigger so you can see all of it)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Future Pianist?

Maybe not quite a pianist yet but he sure did have fun playing around.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

V.I.P. Treatment

Last night Karl and I got to go on one of the coolest dates.  Karl received some Jazz tickets from work for the Jazz vs. Sacramento Kings game.  But these were not just any Jazz tickets....Second row, courtside seating right behind the opposing team.  Just to get to your seats you have to walk right by the teams locker room.  The tickets included reserved parking,  a full out buffet style dinner on the roof of the Energy Solutions Arena overlooking Salt Lake City, and an all you can eat snack bar during the half time show.  It was AWESOME.  The food, was amazing, everything from prime rib, lobster, chicken, pork and and two tables worth of desserts. The snack bar had nachos, popcorn, icecream, shrimp, drinks and cheeses.  So what does tickets and a dinner like this go for...$704.00 a piece.  Yup $1400.00 for the two of us.  The tickets belong to the President of Swire Coca-Cola and Karl was lucky enough to receive a set along with the President, his wife, and another couple.  It was fun seeing how "the other" side lived for a night.  Jack, the President, was really cool and down to earth and it was fun getting to know them on a more low key level.  It was a fun night by all and a great game. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Rough Night

Fischer has had quite a rough night...well...actually more like a rough week.  He's been sick with a deep chest cold.  Every time Karl saw him he would say that Fischer looked like he had been hit by a truck.  He was just that out of it.  Then on Thursday he ran into a coffee table at the sitters house and  gave him quite the little bump on his head.  Well last night and today was the first time he actually started to act like himself, or so we thought.  So tonight we figured he would be okay to go to Lowes with us while we picked up some items for our basement we are finishing.  Perfectly harmless.  Boy were we wrong. 
Fischer who normally loves riding in the cart only wanted to be held, which should have been my first clue.  Since Karl was going to need my help lifting things, holding him was basically out of the question.  So I got his blanket so he could love on that in the cart.  Next thing I know Fischer is throwing up EVERYWHERE, non-stop. It was ALL over him, ALL over the blanket, splattered ALL over the floor, down my leg, on my shoe, completely covered the front part of the cart.  It was so gross.  Chunks and liquid everywhere and the smell....we'll just say it took every ounce of me  to keep my own stomach in check.  It was awful.  I just stood there in shock, not really sure what to do.  A nice Lowes lady who was near by totally came to our rescue with towels, bags, a garbage can, and disinfectant.  All I have to say is that whatever she is making wasn't nearly enough with the mess Fischer had created.  It was so bad we had to strip Fischer out of his clothes right there in the store.  They were too wet and messy to wipe down.  After that I wrapped Fischer in my sweater and out to the car we stayed until Dad finished with the remaining items.  Thank you Lowes for being SO nice about the situation and quick to help us get the mess cleaned up.