Sunday, March 6, 2011

V.I.P. Treatment

Last night Karl and I got to go on one of the coolest dates.  Karl received some Jazz tickets from work for the Jazz vs. Sacramento Kings game.  But these were not just any Jazz tickets....Second row, courtside seating right behind the opposing team.  Just to get to your seats you have to walk right by the teams locker room.  The tickets included reserved parking,  a full out buffet style dinner on the roof of the Energy Solutions Arena overlooking Salt Lake City, and an all you can eat snack bar during the half time show.  It was AWESOME.  The food, was amazing, everything from prime rib, lobster, chicken, pork and and two tables worth of desserts. The snack bar had nachos, popcorn, icecream, shrimp, drinks and cheeses.  So what does tickets and a dinner like this go for...$704.00 a piece.  Yup $1400.00 for the two of us.  The tickets belong to the President of Swire Coca-Cola and Karl was lucky enough to receive a set along with the President, his wife, and another couple.  It was fun seeing how "the other" side lived for a night.  Jack, the President, was really cool and down to earth and it was fun getting to know them on a more low key level.  It was a fun night by all and a great game. 


Brooke said...

Glad you had a fun night together!

Parker and Jes said...

So fun! Definitely a rare experience. I told Parker about it and he was a little jealous :)