Monday, March 28, 2011

Vintage Eggs

I've been feeling the need to be crafty lately.  Or at least attempt to be crafty.  I really wanted to decorate my house for Easter. However, I haven't wanted to spend the money to do so.  I saw  a picture of these eggs and thought, I can do that.  This was a great craft for me.  It was cheep, easy, and added just enough flair for my taste.
So here is what you will need to make your own vintage style easter eggs.

Plastic Eggs (I got mine at the dollar store)
Glue or Epoxy
Paper from an old book, scripture or hymn (I bought a bible at the dollar store and ripped pages out of it.  The look of the hymns on the eggs would be what I preferred but I just wasn't about to rip up my hymn book)-Newspaper could work too.
Buttons, ribbon, or whatever other nick-knacks you have around your house (not pictured)

Take your paper and cut it into strips.  Place glue or epoxy in a little plastic cup. (Note: if you use glue I added a bit of water to thin it down.) Place your strips of paper in the glue and place them over your plastic egg.
If you noticed, one of the eggs I did in pieces.  I didn't do that with most of them since it was extra work but I plan on decorating the half pieces, place some candy in it, and give it out as a gift to the ladies I visit teach.  For my house and decoration purposes I just covered the whole egg. 

Once all the eggs are covered let dry.  Gather together ribbon, lace, buttons, paper or nick-knacks you have lying around and decorate.  Place eggs in a basket, glass case, candle sticks or whatever you have. The possibilities are endless.
I removed my candle on my candle stick and placed my egg on it.  For added effect I added some of that moss stuff you can buy at the craft store (or steal some from a fake plant you have around the house- they all have it) to create a nest type effect
I had this little glass case so I placed a bunch of the smaller eggs in it.
It isn't much but it was just enough for me to feel like Easter is coming.  So for $3.00 (the two sets of eggs-big and small, and the bible I bought so I wouldn't have to rip up mine) I was able to give my house a bit of an Easter touch. 


Marianne said...

very cute! I could do it with Aliya! Thanks for the idea!

theAley-ens said...

So cute! You are so crafty!!!

Brooke said...

They turned out SO cute! Love them! Great job as always.

Seat Family said...

Super Cute!! I love fun ideas like that! :)

Kelli said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I might have to attempt these :)

Parker and Jes said...

Val--you never give yourself enough credit! You are WAY more talented than you think. The eggs turned out so cute! I will have to steal your idea and make some too :)

Adrienne said...

Wow!! I'm totally impressed, they turned out super cute. Nice job!!

My Garden of Eden said...

Those are ADORABLE!!! I may have to try those!!

Thanks for linking up to What's in Your Garden!!