Sunday, October 16, 2016

Drake's 18 Month Pictures

Drake was not about getting his pictures done this time around as noticed in the first picture and I was not sure what we were going to get with his grumpy attitude and refusal to sit still for more then 10 seconds.  I was pleasantly surprised when these pictures were the ones I got.  You would never know he was on one that day.
This was how it started and I knew right then picture taking was going to be interesting.

Off he goes again

Griffin's 4 Year Old Pictures

I have been wanting to post these pictures all week but just now getting time to post them.  I LOVE how Griffin's 4 year old pictures turned out.  This kid is so photogenic and SO much fun to be around.  He has the biggest personality and the funniest little expressions.  A HUGE thank you to my sister-in-law who was able to capture these amazing pictures.

A Charlie Brown Birthday

Our sweet Griffin turned 4! For his birthday his Mom and Dad gave him a razor scooter and helmet.

  On Sunday we celebrated his birthday with the family Peanuts Party style. For months Griffin has been telling me he wants a Charlie Brown Party.  So this is what we came up with for his party.
"Charlie Brown" and his DECORATIONS

 His Cake featured all of the Peanuts Gang
The cake was all buttercream then airbrushed and painted.  It was then completed with fondant and piping details.
Griffin could hardly wait to open his presents.

He loved EVERYTHING everyone got him.  
After presents we sang happy birthday and ate cake.

Afterwords each of the kids received their own Charlie Brown kite (which I forgot to get a picture of).  Thank you to everyone who helped make this day a special one for him.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Flag Football

This Fall, Fischer has been participating in Flag Football.  His team wasn't very good as many of the kids were there to screw around but Fischer still loved it and played hard.


(Game photos compliments of Brooke Christensen-Thank You Brooke!)