Thursday, July 16, 2015

Family Pictures 2015

Love this family of mine.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Montana Trip

This past week we spent our time in beautiful Montana with Karl's family.  The kids had a BLAST and loved getting to hang out with all their cousins.  It was a fun week with lots of activities.
We arrived to the Cabin on Saturday.
The kids enjoyed popsicle on our way up to Montana
This was the view from the house we stayed at.
 The kids loved playing in the huge yard.  Fischer played goalie during a soccer game.
 Griffin loved the swings at the play ground.
or they just had fun hanging out.
 On Sunday Brooke and Lori threw a pool party for Cohen, Cooper, Cannon, Kinsley, and Brinley's birthdays. They had a photo booth with fun props.
Griffin loved the cupcakes.
 And the kids enjoyed playing in the pool.
 Even Drake was ready to play.

Daddy thought it would be fun to slam dunk Drake in the pools basketball hoop.
Karl then showed the kids the art of doing a belly flop

 Fischer wasn't about to be left out of trying it himself.

Drake thought swimming was fun.

When it was time to go to bed I came upstairs to find my boys 'westling'. So much for sleeping.
On Monday morning some of the Christensen's went up to Glacier for a short hike while others went fishing at a local river. I stayed home with Griffin and Drake but Fischer went along on the hike.

That afternoon we took ourselves to Joan's cabin which was 5 minutes away to do some boating at the local lake.
The kids loved throwing rocks in the lake.

 Karl was looking great managing and driving the boat.

Nick and Kaylee were nice enough to take Fischer and Griffin out on their kayak.
Drake enjoyed getting one on one time with Grandma Joyce

 Fischer and I went out on the tubes. He was scared at first but he held on tight and did great.
 Griffin and Fischer even helped with the flag on the boat.

That night we enjoyed smores by the fire pit.

Tuesday we took ourselves to Glacier and decided to hike to Hidden Lake and hike some of the smaller trails. 

 Fischer and Griffin thought it was fun seeing snow.
Both of them decided to work together to "get daddy"
 Needless to say daddy was surprised and startled by the cold snow.

 All that hiking wore Drake out.

The hike to Hidden Lake housed a bunch of mountain goats.  They were literally just off the trail a few feet.  It was fun seeing them with their babies.
 Fischer was showing us he could be a mountain goat and climb rocks too.
 View of hidden lake

 I loved seeing the wild flowers grow.
 After the hike we found our "bum" Griffin slummin the corner of the visitor center building sucking his thumb and sleeping.

 The landscape and waterfalls in Glacier are breathtaking.  Pictures really don't give this place justice.

Wednesday we took ourselves to Whitefish resort and played on the alpine slide. Fischer said this was one of his favorite activities of the trip.

Thursday we took ourselves back to Glacier and did the boat tour and guided hike at St. Mary's lake.

This was the boat we took for the lake tour

Griffin had fun hanging out with Aunt Brook and Cousin Cannon.

 On the boat ride back to the dock I found Fischer asleep.  Apparently this hike was a bit much for him.
On Friday morning, Karl took Fischer and floated down one of the local rivers.  While floating they saw a bald eagle come right next to them and catch a fish.

That afternoon we took the kids to see the new minion movie.  Drake was all wide eyed and interested in the big screen.
After the movie,  Lori and Brooke put together a treasure hunt for the kids. They supplied each of the kids with pirate hats and patches.

The kids had to go around the yard finding clues.

 Once the treasure was found the kids had fun reaping the rewards.

Griffin went straight for a sucker
Fischer loved the finger fighter
Drake even got a fun pull monster
The treasure chest was filled with silly string and it didn't take long for the kids to start a silly string war.
 Fischer took a pretty good hit with the silly string.

Around the property were chickens that roamed the place.  The kids had fun chasing and holding them.
When all was said and done everyone was pretty exhausted but it was a great trip with many memories made.