Thursday, February 19, 2015

Valentine's 2015

Anyone who knows me knows I love Valentine's Day but this year after being sick and having some unexpected situations comes up I had to scale back and just let things go.  I had planned to do some fun cutesy things for the kids but it didn't happen.  We did get a few things in and kept it low key.
Valentine's started with some surprise goodies for the kids in their little Valentine's mailboxes.  Then for breakfast I attempted to make cinnamon rolls in a heart shape. 
Karl had surprised me by sending flowers the day before.  I wasn't expecting them and I happened to be having a hard time with one of the kids that day so it really was just the pick-me-up I needed. I also LOVE Gerber daisies so to see a box-full of these big bright flowers brought a smile to my face.
 Most of the day was spent getting things done around the house but I did manage to get a couple pictures of the kids in their Valentine's shirts.

That night for dinner I had made a bacon wrapped beef roast with all the trimmings and ended the meal with an Italian Love Cake. It was a new recipe I had been wanting to try. It was good but I think I expected more from it with the amazing reviews it got.  Regardless, it was fun trying something new.
I even tried my hand at making strawberry rosettes. Not sure if I think they look like roses, at least not like the ones I had pictured but no one seemed to mind.
As much as I know love should be shared all year round and there shouldn't need to be a holiday set aside for such things, I'm glad for a holiday that allows me to step away from my daily ruteen and admire and reflect on those I love.  Happy Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Potty Training Griffin, Day 1

I don't know anyone who enjoys potty training a toddler and I am no different, but Karl and I decided it was time for Griffin to move out of diapers and into the big boy world of using the potty.  The morning has been a bit rough and Griffin still isn't quite grasping the concept but I think with a little time and ALOT of mommy patience we will get there. In the mean time we take each little victory as it comes and celebrate with stickers, treats, and a silly "he went potty" dance.
Even on the potty that kid still has to have a ball in his hands.  

Beauty and the Beast

Last weekend Karl and I went and saw the production of Beauty and the Beast. Karl and I don't do date night very often so it was nice having a night out with just he two of us. The night started with dinner at The Cheesecake Factory (yum) and then the show.
Karl refused to do a picture with me when I tried doing a selfie. I told him I was going to get a picture of us and he could either work with me or get a stupid picture of him posted. This was the best I got. Sometimes I think I'm married to a big kid .

Thanks for the night out Karl, and thanks for going to these type of shows with me even though I know its not your thing.