Thursday, February 5, 2015

Potty Training Griffin, Day 1

I don't know anyone who enjoys potty training a toddler and I am no different, but Karl and I decided it was time for Griffin to move out of diapers and into the big boy world of using the potty.  The morning has been a bit rough and Griffin still isn't quite grasping the concept but I think with a little time and ALOT of mommy patience we will get there. In the mean time we take each little victory as it comes and celebrate with stickers, treats, and a silly "he went potty" dance.
Even on the potty that kid still has to have a ball in his hands.  


Brooke said...

You can do it! Both of you! :)
Good luck, potty training is SO HARD!

Brooke said...

And I love that he has a ball in his hand on the potty! :)