Friday, May 26, 2017

Swim Lessons for Griffin and Drake

Griffin and Drake have been participating in swim lessons.  Griffin says he likes them but likes to argue/debate with the swim teacher about what he can and can't do and Drake, well...he doesn't like them and cries for me for the majority of the lesson.  However, after each lesson he gives his instructor a high five, a big hug and a wave as we walk out.  Both kids love the diving ring activities at the end of the lessons.
Floating Brothers

Drake and his little head popping up out of the water

Griffin and his evil villain smile. 
Drake Diving for Rings
Drake Jumping into the pool
Drake and the slide
Griffin going down the slide.  Usually he loves the slide and does it without any complaint but he was having a day this particular lesson.  I had to laugh a bit in this video, which I'm not sure you will hear but before he goes down his instructor is telling him to go and he says, "but I could die" then goes down the slide.
Griffin Jumping into the pool. 
I'm so grateful for my friend that recommended this place.  They really have done amazing things getting my kids saver around water.  


When I went to check on the boys I found these two having a sleepover in Griffin's room. I think they miss sharing a room at times. When I asked them about it the next morning they informed me that they were having a pajama party last night.

Fischer's Last Soccer Game

This Spring Soccer Season Fischer played his heart out each and every game.  His last game was a bit rough due to getting a bloody nose from colliding with a player but he didn't let that stop or slow him down. Here are some pictures from his last game.

Fischer had just scored a goal and was doing a fist pump victory move

Griffin's Last Soccer Game

The Spring Soccer season has ended.  Griffin loved playing this season and scored many goals for his team.  Here are some pictures from his last game.  Go Griffin Go!

I told Griffin to give me a big cheesy grin and this is what he gave me.  Lol

His Coach was AMAZING with all of the kids.  She really worked hard on teaching them the basics of the game and the start of some great techniques


 Award Ceremony

Selfies With Griffin

Fischer Happenings

Fischer has loved having Mr. Gato as his 1st grade teacher.  

This kid is a bike riding animal.  It's his favorite thing to do.

Griffin Happenings

I think Griffin is loving all my flowers as much as I do.  Except he wants to pick each and everyone so he can give them to me.  How do say no to that??  Although we have a flower picking limit to allow my new flowers a chance to grow and live, I love that this little guy still brings me flowers.

Griffin loved having Mrs. Waymouth as his preschool teacher.  She has been wonderful and he has learned so much.

Griffin's school did a mother's day program.  he was so cute and sang loud so I would hear him sing.

Drake Happenings

Looking cool in his shades

Drake thought it would be a good idea to put the running magic tracks car in his hair.  He learned pretty quickly that wasn't a great idea and "mom" had to cut it out.

Daddy's yard working buddy. 

School Lunch with Fischer

Griffin, Drake, and I decided to surprise Fischer and do school lunch with him during his last week of school.  Fischer loved it and told all his friends that I was his mom. So glad we can do these kind of things every now and again.

Cinco De Mayo Dinner

Fischer wanted to take me someplace fancy for dinner and since it was Cinco De Mayo we went and enjoyed some Mexican food.  Fischer was so cute, he got dressed up, did his hair, and combed his brother's hair as well so that everyone looked nice for their date with "mom."  Sure love these boys of mine.


While I was away in Virginia, Karl took the older boys to the Motorcross in Salt Lake.  The boys LOVE watching these races and cheered for their favorite rider, Ryan Dungey.

Virginia and D.C.-Girls Trip!!

For my birthday my husband surprised me with tickets to go to Virginia to visit my sister Cristy.  When I told my Mom and sister about it they decided it sounded like fun and we made plans to surprise Cristy and have them come along. We informed her husband of our plan and started our trip to Virginia.

Hanging out at one of the airport.
 To say Cristy was beyond excited was an understatement.  I really wish we had gotten video of the surprise.  It was a moment I will never forget.
Sister's reunited

I can't believe how grown up Alyson has become.  I had a blast getting to hang out with her and chat.
 On Thursday we went and visited Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. It was beautiful and fun to see.
Tom and I just hanging out

Cristy had done some research and found out that a portion of the land that is part of the Monticello was originally own by our ancestors before they sold it to Jefferson's father. 

 Part of the property contained the Jefferson's cemetery.

 They had a bunch of these remaining structures that were homes to some of the slaves Jefferson had.
 I thought this tree was so cool growing inside the old tree stump.

 The kids signing there own declaration of independence.

 Afterwords we stopped by at a local mill just to look around

 On Friday we hung around Charlotteville and got our nails done.
 Saturday we all went to D.C. and saw the sights.

Navy Memorial building

 D.C. is amazing and quite beautiful.  It was a really wet day and we got soaked but it wasn't cold which made it doable.

I loved all the intricate details of the buildings and walls

White House

 As part of the tour we took a boat ride to see some of the sights.  It was fun to get a different angle and perspective of these amazing monuments

The boat was also where we had lunch

During the tour we had a buddy system.  This was my soggy sister buddy.  

These images were engravin in the wall. 

The pillars were alot bigger then they look in pictures.

 We finished our trip to D.C stopping in Georgetown to try the famous DC cupcakes.

Flying out of Virginia
 One of our stops back home was flying into New York.  It was fun to see the city from the air.
Flying into New York

 Snoopy also greeted us in New York.

 We had such a great time on our trip. Memories were made that will last a lifetime.  We unfortunately found out the evening before we flew home that my sweet Grandfather had past away so the flight home was a bit of a somber one but overall the trip was amazing.  Thank you Karl for wonderful birthday gift and thank you Mom, Cristy, and Lisa for the fun time.