Friday, May 26, 2017

Swim Lessons for Griffin and Drake

Griffin and Drake have been participating in swim lessons.  Griffin says he likes them but likes to argue/debate with the swim teacher about what he can and can't do and Drake, well...he doesn't like them and cries for me for the majority of the lesson.  However, after each lesson he gives his instructor a high five, a big hug and a wave as we walk out.  Both kids love the diving ring activities at the end of the lessons.
Floating Brothers

Drake and his little head popping up out of the water

Griffin and his evil villain smile. 
Drake Diving for Rings
Drake Jumping into the pool
Drake and the slide
Griffin going down the slide.  Usually he loves the slide and does it without any complaint but he was having a day this particular lesson.  I had to laugh a bit in this video, which I'm not sure you will hear but before he goes down his instructor is telling him to go and he says, "but I could die" then goes down the slide.
Griffin Jumping into the pool. 
I'm so grateful for my friend that recommended this place.  They really have done amazing things getting my kids saver around water.  

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