Friday, June 26, 2015

Bowling & Snowcones

I decided to venture out and take the kids bowling today.  They had a great time.  It was fun seeing them cheer eachother on as they hit pins down with the ball.

My best attempt at getting a group selfie

a lady in the next lane was nice enough to get a better picture of the 4 of us. Griffin however, chose to be difficult.
After bowling I thought it would be fun for the kids and I to get snowcones.  
It's not always easy for me to venture out with the three kids by myself but i'm always glad when I do.  They have such a great time and its moments like these that I remember what fun it is to be a kid making memories. 

Golf Scouts

I'm not sure why but when Fischer hears the word camp he associates it with scouts.  Therefore, no matter how many times we told him he was signed up for golf camp it became known as golf scouts in his world.  This past week Fischer has been having a blast learning the art and game of golf.  He has LOVED it.  He could hardly wait to go. He wants to go to golf scouts everyday. (Daddy says he would like to do that too).

Griffin was helping me take pictures and I did not realize that he had flipped the screen and captured this picture of us. 
chipping the ball out of the sand bunker
The Golf Professionals Amy & Milo Lines teaching the kids some putting techniques

Even Griffin got a little practice in here and there
Fischer and Golf Pro. Milo. 
It was so fun watching him.  His coaches came up to me quite a few times during the week to tell me how great Fischer was doing and couldn't believe how well of a swing he had. I was surprised how much in awe they were with him. They said he was a natural and that they haven't seen a kid that young that good in a long time.  Fischer was the youngest member in the camp as the age limit for the junior camp was 6-9 years old. But with the golf professionals being friends of ours they said to sign him up.  He made some great shots and definitely gave the older kids some competition. 

Drake and his Shades

Eagle Mountain Splash Pad

This week we decided to try out the splash pad in Eagle Mountain.  Met up with some old friends and had a blast.
Braydon & Fischer
Griffin trying to get a drink. Every time he tried, he ended up with a face full of water, laugh, and then try again.  
Drake even got his feet wet this time around
Goofy Griffin
Braydon was one of Fischer's first friends. He is the son of his old daycare provider back when he was little.  We've been lucky to become friends and keep in touch.  These boys always have so much fun together. 

Lil' Cougar Fan

This little guy is one big BYU fan. 

Missing Dad

All the boys have been missing their Dad lately since he's been gone a lot on business trips.  Fischer especially seems to notice his absence more then the other two. One night when he was home I came upstairs to find this.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Griffin's Golfing Trip

Back when we started potty training Griffin we made a reward chart for him with the promise that when he earned all of his stickers for going potty in the toilet, his reward would be that he would get to go golfing with daddy.  Well...Griffin earned all his stickers awhile ago but when he broke his collarbone we had to wait until he was healed. Now that he no longer has to be wrapped up, Karl followed through on that promise/reward and he and Griffin went on a special golf trip just the two of them.

Normally Karl will rent a golf cart to go around the course in,  However, they went later in the evening and the carts had to be turned in sooner then Karl felt they would be done. So for the couple holes Griffin didn't want to walk, he got to ride on Daddy's shoulders.  
Karl and Griffin's shadow 

Griffin has a pretty good golf swing and unlike his Daddy (today) got some great shots in.
Chip Shot

Putt Shot

Griffin had a great time! He thought he was quite the cool kid on the golf course and had a blast hanging out with his Dad.  After they finished their game, Karl took Griffin out for icecream.  We are so proud of Griffin and how well he has done with potty training.  Way to go buddy for earning all your stickers!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Movie Night with Dad

Karl promised the kids they would do a movie night when he got back in town from a business trip.  Fischer and Griffin have been so excited they've been planning the details while daddy was away;  sleeping bag, popcorn, and a funny movie was on the list of "must do." But when Daddy pulled out the blow-up mattress as a surprise, indoor bounce house got added to the fun.

Summer Water Fun

We have some fun splash pads in the area so today we met up with some friends and checked out the Alpine City Splash Pad.
Fischer and his friend McCoy making silly faces

McCoy and Fischer had a blast trying to spray eachother

Good Fortune

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Splash Pad & Park

The other day we joined up with my sister-in-law Brooke and her kids and had some fun at the splash pad near her house.  The kids loved playing together and hanging out.

Drake chilled around in his car seat checking everyone out

 Afterwords we went to Brooke's house and hung out for a little bit to allow the kids to play and relax a bit.  Drake loved getting to interact with Aunt Brooke and was telling her all sorts of little 'stories'.