Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fun at the Zoo

Took the kids to the Zoo on Monday.  They loved seeing the different animals and checking out all the dinosaurs.
Checking out the baby dinosaurs

The best picture I could get of the three of us.  Drake was sleeping in the stroller
Checking out the sea lions
Griffin was so fascinated by all the different dinosaurs
Met up with some friends later in the day

Spending a day at the zoo is exhausting


Craig and Lori said...

Look fun! You're a brave mom :)

Brooke said...

A day at the zoo is exhausting! Too bad you couldn't join them in their nap! Glad you had fun seeing everything, I love the zoo!

Seat Family said...

Looks fun! I'm going to have to take my kids again. It looks like it's changed a bit since we've been there and it's only been a couple years.