Friday, June 26, 2015

Golf Scouts

I'm not sure why but when Fischer hears the word camp he associates it with scouts.  Therefore, no matter how many times we told him he was signed up for golf camp it became known as golf scouts in his world.  This past week Fischer has been having a blast learning the art and game of golf.  He has LOVED it.  He could hardly wait to go. He wants to go to golf scouts everyday. (Daddy says he would like to do that too).

Griffin was helping me take pictures and I did not realize that he had flipped the screen and captured this picture of us. 
chipping the ball out of the sand bunker
The Golf Professionals Amy & Milo Lines teaching the kids some putting techniques

Even Griffin got a little practice in here and there
Fischer and Golf Pro. Milo. 
It was so fun watching him.  His coaches came up to me quite a few times during the week to tell me how great Fischer was doing and couldn't believe how well of a swing he had. I was surprised how much in awe they were with him. They said he was a natural and that they haven't seen a kid that young that good in a long time.  Fischer was the youngest member in the camp as the age limit for the junior camp was 6-9 years old. But with the golf professionals being friends of ours they said to sign him up.  He made some great shots and definitely gave the older kids some competition. 


Brooke said...

Great job Fischer! Looks like you are on your way to be a pro someday!

Kaylee said...

That's awesome that Fischer is so good! That's so fun for him to get to go to "golf scouts".