Friday, June 19, 2015

Griffin's Golfing Trip

Back when we started potty training Griffin we made a reward chart for him with the promise that when he earned all of his stickers for going potty in the toilet, his reward would be that he would get to go golfing with daddy.  Well...Griffin earned all his stickers awhile ago but when he broke his collarbone we had to wait until he was healed. Now that he no longer has to be wrapped up, Karl followed through on that promise/reward and he and Griffin went on a special golf trip just the two of them.

Normally Karl will rent a golf cart to go around the course in,  However, they went later in the evening and the carts had to be turned in sooner then Karl felt they would be done. So for the couple holes Griffin didn't want to walk, he got to ride on Daddy's shoulders.  
Karl and Griffin's shadow 

Griffin has a pretty good golf swing and unlike his Daddy (today) got some great shots in.
Chip Shot

Putt Shot

Griffin had a great time! He thought he was quite the cool kid on the golf course and had a blast hanging out with his Dad.  After they finished their game, Karl took Griffin out for icecream.  We are so proud of Griffin and how well he has done with potty training.  Way to go buddy for earning all your stickers!


Brooke said...

He is so cute! Love how excited he is about life! I'm so glad he finally got to go!

Seat Family said...

That is so cute!! I love his "yes!!" when the ball went in! Darling!

Kaylee said...

Way to go Griffin! That's so fun he got to go golfing !