Saturday, January 30, 2016

Indoor Soccer-Fischer

With the moving to a new area and a new school we thought it would be fun to sign Fischer up for some indoor soccer.  We felt this would be a great way for him to make new friends and have something to look forward to while we await the building of our new house.
Fischer did GREAT!  He loved being out their playing and was all over the soccer ball.  He scored the first two goals for his team and assisted in the others.

 Fischer is player Number 90.  The team is getting a bit of practice in before the game.

 As the game began Fischer wasted zero time in getting that ball and moving it down the field.
 You can't see this very well, (due to Griffin's head and my poor camera) but this was Fischer kicking the ball in the goal.

 Cheering for big brother can be exhausting.

Sure love watching our big kid play.

Indoor Soccer-Griffin

Griffin got to participate in his first soccer game.  He was super excited to finally be old enough to play.  I loved watching him out on the field.  He did great during practice.  Once the game started he was a bit confused and just wanted his own ball but after a couple of minutes he was back in the game and playing like a champ.
Griffin showing off his new sports uniform
We sure love that number 12 player.
This was Griffin during the first couple minutes of the game.  He just stood there with thumb in mouth and other hand on his ear.
 However, it didn't take long for him to get back in the game and play

 These aren't the greatest of pictures and I will definitely be bringing my sports camera next time but this was Griffin controlling the ball right before he kicked the ball into the goal for the last goal of the game.  Yay Griffin!
I wish I would have thought to tape his "victory dance" after he scored.  He hopped and ran around with his hands high in the field yelling "Yes, Wahoo!, Yay Me!"  He had everyone in the audience laughing.  Looking forward to watching him play more games.

Fischer's Beauty & the Beast Operetta

Fischer participated in his school's Kindergarten Beauty & the Beast Operetta.  He has been practicing so hard to learn all the songs and his narrative line in the play.  He did awesome.  It was fun seeing him perform on stage with a bunch of kids his age.  Fischer was a townsman and a narrator.

 Song:  Townsfolk's Song

He was a backup singer in "Be Our Guest" along with many of the other songs.

 It's A Beast!

Fischer's Narrative line. "Belle and her Father Returned to the Castle"

My Handsome Townsman

Fun at the Circus

On Wednesday, Karl and I took Fischer and Griffin to the Circus.  The older boys could hardly wait.  We loved seeing all the animals and even got to ride on a elephant before the show started.  It was a fun experience getting to hang out with the older kids for a bit.  Griffin loved the Tigers and Fischer thought the clowns were funny.

Spider-man even showed off his stunts at the circus

During the motorcycle ball stunt Fischer kept repeating, "that is not safe, that is really not safe."
 During the intermission they brought some of the animals out so the kids could see them more up close and personal.

 I always love seeing the elephants.

It was a great night. I'm glad we were able to take the kids to see such a fun show.


The other day while out walking the dogs around the park I came across a bunch of Geese.  I thought it cool that all these geese where just hanging out.  They didn't seemed bothered by the dogs or my kids.

Walking Home

On nicer days during the week Sadie LOVES coming with me to pick up Fischer from school.  She waits by the door when its time for me to go get him. Sadie doesn't even move as the other kids go running past, however once Fischer starts to approach she is all wiggles.  Both Sadie and Fischer are always excited to see each other and Fischer loves walking her by himself.

Rub a Tub, 3 Boys in the Tub

A Final Goodbye

The kids and I said our final goodbyes to a house we have come to love.  We will miss this place.  It will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sledding with Friends

We were SO glad that we were able to meet up with some of our best friends the other day to go sledding.  We have missed our weekly play dates with McCoy and his Mom.  Fischer was ecstatic that they were coming as he and McCoy went to school together and played together often. We are hoping to start getting things scheduled more regularly now that things have settled down a bit.