Monday, January 31, 2011

Dangerous Combination

First off I have to begin by saying how grateful I am that no one was hurt.  This could have ended vary badly.  Fischer definitely had some guardian angels watching out for him.  With that Sunday Fischer and I were in his room.  Fischer has this night light that has a metal cover with a cute cut out of a fly fisherman.  Anyway, he loves playing with the smooth metal piece and often pulls the metal cover off the light.  So on Sunday he had pulled it off and was just playing with the metal piece next to me.  What I hadn't noticed was that when he pulled it off he also pulled the light section of the nightlight partially out. It was still plugged in but the metal prongs that go into the outlet were showing a bit.  I turn my head for a second since I was putting clothes away for him only to turn around and see him trying to "fix" the light and put the metal piece he had pulled off back on the light.  As he tries to do that, and before I can grab it from him, the metal piece fell behind the bulb, touched the metal prongs that were still plugged in, and to my horror I hear the awful buzz of electricity flowing through something it shouldn't followed by an explosion and a big fire ball. I scream and immediately attend to Fischer to see if he is okay.  He was absolutely fine.  He didn't even cry, nothing, just looked at the outlet, put his finger to his mouth and gave a look to me like, "hmm, that was cool." I'm not sure how that kid didn't get hurt other then by some angel watching out for him.  He must have let go of that metal piece just in the nick of time.  Anyway here are pictures of the "damages". 
If you look at the top of the night light you can see two little dents.  That's where the metal met up with the prongs. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ice Fishing

This last weekend we had pleasure of joining some family and friends on an icefishing trip to Fish Lake near Richfield.  We had fun.  It was nice getting away for the weekend. 
This is us riding to where everyone was on the ice.
The Christensen Clan 
Mom and Fischer 
The first catch of the day 
All the fishing was rough so Fischer took a little cat nap 
Us and our friends chillin' out in Uncle Andy's ice fishing tent 
Fisher really enjoyed riding in the sled.
 (Not that he looks like it here but he did enjoy it) 
Dad pulling around Fischer in the sled heading back to the cabin.  Don't you love how you just see the top of his little head poking up?
Fischer catching his first fish 
Fischer's fish 
After an eventful trip he was exhausted.  He slept most of the way home. 
 Thanks everyone who came, it wouldn't have been the same without you. And thank you to the Jensen's for making this all possible and inviting us to come along. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

1 Year Pictures

I'm so excited how Fischer's 1 Year old Pictures turned out.  He's getting so big.
This is Fischer dressed to impress.

My Outdoors Man 


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It All In The Way You Say It

I'm always laughing at the way my toddler and my dogs interact with each other but as I was laying in bed last night I couldn't help but giggle about all the things I say when they are interacting with one another.  If not in context  they come off quite odd and funny.  Anyone that has a dog or any pet with kids might find some of these things familiar but here are some funny things I find myself saying:

"No sucking on the dog."
"Stop smooching the baby!"
"Don't lick that!"
"Stop biting the dog"
"Get your head out of the diaper."
"Get your nose out of the crib"

and my personal favorite...
"Catch the diaper it's running away!"

Oh the life with dogs and a kid. Got to love it!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bath Buddies

This gives a whole new meaning to "man's best friend." Fischer has a new bath buddy apparently.  Sadie decided that she needed to join him in the tub. She always seems to be wherever Fischer is.  They really are the best of buds.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dancin' Up A Storm

As some of you may or may not know I was volunteered (by my boss-who I will eventually return the favor) to be part of a ballroom dance competition. Eagle Mountain City and the City of Saratoga Springs compete against each other along with some staff from the High school in a mock "Dancing with the Stars" type thing.  Each person is paired up with a student from the Westlake High School Ballroom Team (the professional).  They then teach us staff (the stars) a rueteen and then we complete.  I am doing the cha-cha.  Below is the information for anyone who is interested in coming. 

West Lake High School Ballroom Dance Company Presents:
A night of Ballroom Dance Competition featuring City Officials (AKA: Me), firefighters, teachers and students from Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs

Saturday, January 15th 7:00 pm

** Note: There will also be another show on Saturday January 22nd, but I'm only perticipating in the Saturday, January 15th event so if you want to see me dance you'll have to come to that one.

Westlake High School Theatre
General Admission $5
Two-night Ticket $8
Family Pass $25
Family two-night Pass $35

For advance tickets and additional information call 801-610-8815 or email:

A Scratch, A Bump, and A Bruise

I meant to post this earlier but Fischer has began to discover the art of climbing.  If any of you have been to my house you might have noticed the little half table in the entry way.  Well...Fischer thought this would be a GREAT little peice of furniture to climb on.  Needless to say, it and him went down together with the entry half-table landing on top of his head. I felt SO bad but he was trooper.  A little love from Mom and a blanket with tassles seemed to make everything better. Unfortunately the table left it's mark.