Sunday, August 23, 2009

It Came!

So the bedding for Fischer's crib finally came. I have to say I was so excited and love the way it looks. Karl and I even went to Home Depot to pick up some paint sample colors so that we can start the process of painting the room.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Our Computer Generated Baby

So a friend of mine sent me this funny little link to a website that lets you create a digitized photo of what your baby will look like. All you have to do is download a picture of you and your partner. So apparently this little guy is what our little Fischer should look like based on the photos submitted. Guess only time will tell. In the mean time it sure is funny to see the photos they come up with based on the photos you submit.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mixing and Matching Pictures

So I was going through some old photos and ran across some baby pictures of Karl and I. So it got me thinking as I was looking at the two photos what our little Fischer will look like. Will he have my eyes, Karl's bone structure? Anyway it's always fun to imagine what your little one will look like and who he will look more like (Mom or Dad?). Here are two pictures of us as baby's.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Day of Fishing

So Karl has been meaning to take me fishing so I could learn for some time now. He planned on taking me out for our anniversary but ended up hurting his knees while on his big fishing/hiking trip in Montana. So on Saturday he took me on an all expense guided fishing trip (Karl being the guide of course), lunch included. Which I have to say he put together all himself and it wasn't half bad. So for my fishing adventure we decided to try Current Creek. We left early in the morning and we're on our way by 6:00 am. Once to the river (which is about a hour and a half drive) we started to put the fishing rod together and to our realization, Karl forgot to pack the waders and boots. I wondered how anyone could forget something like that since that typically is the first thing you grab next to the fishing pole. (Some fishing guide...Just kidding Karl you were great).

So after Karl finished beating himself up for being stupid enough to forget something like that and me getting my sides to stop hurting since I was laughing so hard about the "fishing pro." forgetting the waders, we decided we would just rough it out and go wading in our clothes and what ever shoes we happened to be wearing. The water of course was nice and cold but once the toes went numb we were fine. Anyway, I did manage to catch myself a whopper of a fish (A whole 3 inches long). Yeah Me! I did miss quite a few and actually missed a decent size one. It was fun though and can't wait to go again. Karl was a great fishing guide and very patient to me learning. Gus also got to join us and had a grand old time running around the woods. After fishing a few holes and having lunch we decided to pack up and head home. Not a minute later after we were in the vehicle on our way out, we hit a big rain/hail storm. Luck must have been on our side.
This isn't the best picture but if you look at the dirt you can see how hard it was coming down.

Just to give you an idea of the hail that we ran into I took a picture of this as well. Look closely on the window wiper and you can see the small size hail.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Name

So Karl and I have decided on a name for our little man. We will be calling him Fischer James Christensen. We are both excited and can't wait to have him come to our home. Karl came up with the name Fischer (big surprise) although he never remembers coming up with it, and James comes from my Dad as it is his middle name.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Just got back from the ultrasound and are excited to announce that Karl and I are expecting a Boy! We are both really excited (Karl especially-he can't stop grinning). I also got what I call the "tiger woods" victory dance from Karl. Our little guy was not very cooperative as he was very shy and was not wanting his picture taken. We never did get a good face shot cause he had his face buried into my spine. The doctor had to push him around a little bit just to see what he was. He finally came around and decided to "open up" but only for a second but long enough to get a good shot and pause it. My due date has also been moved back a week so I am now due December 31st.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Date Nights

So since Karl was gone on his big fishing trip in Montana during our Anniversary, we had to celebrate our special occasion at a later time. Although we didn't get to celebrate on the actual day we were married I had a great time. Last Saturday Karl and I decided to have a fun, but low key night. He took me out to Texas Road House for dinner where we were able to sit back, talk, and just catch up on what happened during the week while he was gone. After dinner Karl took me to a movie I have been wanting to see, The Proposal. We both liked the movie and had a good laugh over it.
The following Tuesday, Karl surprised me with Cirque Du Soleil tickets for the Saltimbanco show for Thursday night that is here in Salt Lake City. I was SO excited. I have never been to any of their shows and had wanted to for some time. So last night I got to see my first Cirque Du Soleil show and I have to say it didn't disappoint. It was amazing some of the things these people could do. It was fun watching Karl cause the whole time during the show he kept shaking his head saying that crazy, can you believe that, wow that's just crazy. I think we were both impressed. Karl also was able to get my ring back from the jewelers. He decided to get an anniversary band to go with my wedding ring and was having them all put together for me. It looks great and I'm really excited about it. All in all, it ended up being a great 5 year anniversary celebration. I got to spend time with the man I love.

Beginners Luck

So on Wednesday Karl and my co-worker Shane decided to go bass fishing. I've been trying to hook Shane and Karl up for months. They both are into the same type of things, have identical personalities, and views about life in general. I knew that they would hit it off, no problem. So Shane decided he was going bass fishing and was wondering if Karl wanted to come. Karl of course did. (It is fishing after all, of course he would want to go). So they met up and went up to Jordenelle to tackle some small mouth bass. Karl has actually never done bass fishing but Shane was confident he would pick it up without any problems. Wouldn't you know beginners luck would be in Karl's favor. Karl caught the biggest small mouth bass Shane has ever seen. (Shane has been bass fishing for years). Shane was greatly impressed, and Karl was pretty proud of himself. Both had a great time and are looking forward to when they can get together again soon.