Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dancin' Up A Storm

As some of you may or may not know I was volunteered (by my boss-who I will eventually return the favor) to be part of a ballroom dance competition. Eagle Mountain City and the City of Saratoga Springs compete against each other along with some staff from the High school in a mock "Dancing with the Stars" type thing.  Each person is paired up with a student from the Westlake High School Ballroom Team (the professional).  They then teach us staff (the stars) a rueteen and then we complete.  I am doing the cha-cha.  Below is the information for anyone who is interested in coming. 

West Lake High School Ballroom Dance Company Presents:
A night of Ballroom Dance Competition featuring City Officials (AKA: Me), firefighters, teachers and students from Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs

Saturday, January 15th 7:00 pm

** Note: There will also be another show on Saturday January 22nd, but I'm only perticipating in the Saturday, January 15th event so if you want to see me dance you'll have to come to that one.

Westlake High School Theatre
General Admission $5
Two-night Ticket $8
Family Pass $25
Family two-night Pass $35

For advance tickets and additional information call 801-610-8815 or email:

1 comment:

Kelli said...

Oh poopy! I have a dinner date with my Mommy that night. I never get to see her or I'd totally some see you dance! You should definitely post lots of pictures and video!! That is so cool :)
My Mom did a dancing with the stars thing up in Tremonton last year too. She danced with one of the High School teachers. She is a kick butt ballroom dancer.
Have so much fun!!!