Sunday, May 29, 2011


Our trip to California was SO much fun.  We had such a blast. There are lots of pictures coming that I still need to go through, which will be posted soon.  For now here is a recap of our trip. On Thursday Karl, Fischer, and I drove to Reno.  We didn't end up leaving until later that afternoon so we made it into Reno about 1:00 am Utah time.  By then Fischer was not very happy after being in the car for so long.  He couldn't get comfortable in the car seat.  However as soon as we walked into the Casino we were staying at he was ALL smiles.  He was grinning at everyone we walked past. He thought it was pretty cool. 
The next morning (Friday) we started our drive again heading towards Mariposa but not without making  a quick stop in Roseville (near Sacramento) to meet up for lunch at my Aunt Peggy's house.  Fischer had a blast with my Aunt and she spoiled him rotten with a beach truck and sand toys.  Cousin Amy also was able to stop by and it was good getting caught up and spending some time with them.  I wish I had gotten a picture of Fischer with my Aunt and Cousin because he had such a good time with them but I completely forgot to get one and realized that 15 minutes after leaving their house. 
We arrived in Mariposa later that evening, waiting for us was Kent, Brooke, their kids, Karl's parents, Kaylie and Kelly.  We mostly stayed around the hotel that night.  Saturday we spent the day in Yosemite.  It was such an amazing place.  The waterfalls were beautiful and the scenery just amazing.  Fischer had a blast.  He climbed rocks, played in dirt and just had a great time being with his cousins.  Sunday we packed up and headed for Monterey.  Since it wasn't too long of a drive and we got there pretty early, we were able to go to this awesome park around the corner from our hotel.  The park was huge and had different stations of play area for each age group of kids.  Everything from little tots to the grown up Adult who still was a kid at heart. 
In Monterey we met up with Karl's other Brother Craig and his family.  We got to meet Parker (who is over 6 months old) for the first time.  After the park we decided to stop off at the beach and spend some time there.  The kids loved running away from the waves and it was fun seeing them have a good time.  That afternoon Karl went with some of the other siblings and did what's called the 17 mile drive around Monterey Bay.  It's a drive that goes around the City and drives past some beautiful golf courses such as Pebble Beach and Spy Glass. 
That evening I got to play photographer and get some pictures of Brooke and her family.  Unfortunately it was windy and cold which made it hard for the kids (which ended up being okay because we were able to get more pictures done of them later on in Vantura).  Monday we went to the Monterey Aquarium.  Fischer liked the colorful fishes the most. After the aquarium and lunch we all headed South to Vantura to stay at a beach house that Karl's parents rented for all of us.  The beach house was awesome, it was big, roomie and the view...GORGEOUS.  I could not stop staring at the ocean. My favorite part was watching the dolphins play in the distance every morning and afternoon.  The beach was so nice and the weather could not have been better.  Brooke was nice enough to do some new family photos of Karl, Fischer and I Monday night.
While in Vantura we got to meet up with Janet, Karl's Aunt and his Grandma Dorris.  They were awesome.  Janet had pre-made dinner for us when we arrived at the house. It was great to see Dorris and have Fischer meet her since she hadn't had the opportunity to meet him.  Tuesday we went to Six Flags.  Karl was so excited he could hardly sit still in his seat while we were driving to the place.  He was like a kid on Christmas morning. Since I knew he wanted to do some of the bigger rides I let him go off with his cousin while Fischer and I made our way to the Kiddie Land area.
Fischer had a fun time.  He seemed to enjoy the rides and was quite interested in the Loony Toon characters walking around.  He still is pretty little so his options on rides were limited but he was able to go on the Buccaneer which is a big ride where the boat swings back and forth. We sat in the middle so it wouldn't be such a swing but I don't think it made much of a difference.  Even in the middle my stomach was going so I could only imagine what his was doing.  I was surprised how well he did with it.  He was ready to get off but he didn't cry or complain.  It was actually really cute.  There were a bunch of teenagers there due to what I could only assume was Senior day or something.  Anyway they all cheered for Fischer and even the Lady running the ride went over the intercom and said to give it up for the little guy.  The teenagers all got out of the boat before we did and when we got out they were all lined up to give Fischer high fives as we walked away from the ride.  Needless to say Fischer thought he was pretty cool.
That night the kids went on a treasure hunt that Lori and Brooke put together.  The kids had clues as to where to go and they all had to help unburied the treasure in the sand. It was fun seeing them figure out the clues and get all excited about the treasure. Wednesday while the boys went golfing that morning, the the rest of us hung around the house and were beach bums.  We laid out in the sand and went and checked out the local park that was down the beach a little ways. Fischer loved playing in the sand.  Give him a shovel and he was perfectly content. That evening we all got together for dinner and a Christensen family photo.
Thursday morning we packed up and made the long drive home.  It was so fun being with the family and doing things we all enjoyed.  I was sad to leave such a beautiful place but it has been nice being home.  Thanks to everyone who made this trip such a special one.

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