Sunday, May 29, 2011


We started our California adventures by going to Yosemite. 
This is Fischer getting ready to go (for those of you who are wondering...No I did not put him in the sink.  I had him on the counter and he put himself in the sink)
We all got pretty wet by this first waterfall.  It was so misty and the trail heading up to the fall was covered by a stream of water.
Riding Dad was the way to go.
The area was SO beautiful.

Some of the wildlife 
Fischer's first bus ride (they bus you around to the different areas of the park)
Fischer had a thing with pinecones.  He wanted to pick them all up. 
The Cousins 
These flowers were growing on a bunch of the trees in the park.  I thought they were too pretty not to get a picture of them. 
Appearently sticking the tounge out helps.
These rocks were SO big, Fischer had a good time climbing on them. 
Sequoia Trees
(The pictures really don't give these trees justice-the were huge) 
I love trees 
The Clothpin Tree 

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