Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vantura-Six Flags

Karl, Fischer, and I had such a blast at Six Flags.  I let Karl go off with his cousins so that he could get in some of the bigger rides while Fischer and I made our way to the Kiddie Land.  Fischer was interested in everything and had a good time on the rides.
This was us with Bugs Bunny
Cruisin' right along 
We had a fun time riding with Lori and Parker 
Kinsley & Brinley 
Cannon & Kylie 
Fischer LOVED Tweetie.  After we took our picture with him I let him down to walk a bit and he ran straight to tweetie.  It was pretty cute.
The Splash Pad 
This ride was Fischer 1st big ride.  He was such a trooper.  He was ready to get off by the end but he didn't cry at all.  After the ride everyone gave a shout out to him for doing so well and a bunch of teenagers that were there that got off before we did stood in a line as we got off to give Fischer high fives.  Needless to say he thought he was pretty cool. 

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