Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fischer's Birthday!

Can't believe Fischer is 5. Time really does fly by.  I sure love that kid.  He brings a smile to my face everyday.  Can't imagine life without him.  We kept it fairly simple this year, so on Sunday we had family get together for cake and icecream to celebrate.
Fischer has been into Ninja Turtle's lately so it only seemed natural that Mom make him a Ninja Turtle cake.
Once everyone arrived we sang Happy Birthday and Fischer blew out the candles.
 After cake and icecream it was time to open gifts.  Fischer got spoiled with lots of fun things.

 Every year Grandpa Mike marks on a stick how much they've grown each year.
On Monday, (Fischer's actual birthday).  We celebrated as a family.  He woke up that morning to a gift from Mom & Dad (a skateboard)
Fischer trying out his new board and protective gear

That night Karl, and I took Fischer to a rock climbing place in Lehi.  He had a pretty good time.  He got frustrated about not being able to climb as well as he thought he should but for his first time he did really well. 

Daddy couching him on some of the harder walls
Working on building up his arm muscles
 So glad we got to spend this special day with him.  Can't wait to see what adventures await him next year.  Love you Fischer!

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Brooke said...

Glad he had a fun day! Happy Birthday Fischer!