Monday, December 1, 2014

Lights, Reindeer, and Ice Sculpting

For family night, Karl and I took the kids to check out the lights at Thanksgiving point.  The kids loved seeing the different animated lights. Afterwords we checked out some of Santa's reindeer by the tower, enjoyed some hot cocoa and watched people work on an ice sculpture.  It was a fun night being together.

  The kids LOVED the reindeer.   I had a hard time getting them to turn around so I could get a picture together and when I did they weren't thrilled about it.  They were more interested in watching the deer then having pictures taken.

 The ice sculpture guys were amazing.  One minute the ice sculpture was a big block.
 The next minute it was already taking shape as frosty the snowman.

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Brooke said...

What a great way to kick off December! So glad you were able to go enjoy some time together!