Thursday, December 18, 2014

December Catch-up

Just wanted to post some random but fun pictures of things that have been going on around our house this December.

Karl and I took Fischer to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert.  The Seaseme Street Muffets came and we thought Fischer would have a good time going.  Fischer loved getting to hang out with both "Mom" and "Dad" all to himself and we loved being able to take him.  Can't believe he is getting old enough to attend these types of functions.

Sadie was pulling some funny faces, so I decided to try and snap a picture.  Right as I went to take it she stuck her tongue out at me instead.  I had to laugh when I realized the picture I got. Wasn't what I was going for but still funny.
 Waiting for Dad.  I was upstairs doing some cleaning before Karl got home from work.  When I turned around, Griffin and Sadie were sitting side by side looking out the window waiting and watching for "dad."
 Our neighborhood put together a fun Christmas party with great food, minute to win it games, and Santa.  Griffin was tired and wanted nothing to do with Santa this time around but Fischer was more then eager to get his hello in.
Fischer even got his name drawn to participate in the minute to win it game.  His challenge was to throw a ping pong ball up and try and catch it in the cup on his head.  He was SOO close so many times but managed to get it in with a little help from a friend towards the end, winning him a bag of Skittles.  


Brooke said...

So fun! Love the one of Sadie, and Fischer looks so big in the one at the concert. Looks like the Christmas party was a fun one! And the one of Griffin waiting for daddy is cute, is he playing on your iPad?

Kaylee said...

Fischer was so proud that he is big enough to go to "conference". He's so cute!