Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Santa and my lil' Reindeer

Today we went and saw Santa.  Fischer was so excited to see him and could not wait to tell him what he wanted for Christmas, however when in was our turn he got a little bit of stage fright and completely forgot what it was he wanted to tell Santa.  He looked at me for help, so together we were able to let Santa know what he was hoping to get for Christmas.  Griffin was excited to see him but didn't want much to do with him once it was our turn.  Once Santa handed Griffin a sucker he thought he was an okay guy to hang out with after that.  
 After our visit, Santa supplied the kids with a chocolate sucker and some fun Reindeer hats.

This really isn't a great picture of Griffin but his facial expression made me laugh.


Kaylee said...

That's so cute that they each got reindeer hats.

Brooke said...

Cute boys! Love the Santa picture!