Friday, December 26, 2014


We had a great Christmas this year.  It was so much fun seeing the magic of the season come to life in our little ones.  On Christmas Eve we started the day with breakfast at Jim's with my family and then dinner at my Mom and Dad's house later that night.
Every Christmas Eve the kids open up Christmas PJ's.
 I could not get a good picture of my two kids in their Christmas PJ's.  Griffin refused to hold still, neither one would look at me, and if I could get them together Griffin didn't want to put down the ball.  They were more interested in playing then having pictures taken.
 Later that night I went upstairs to find all the kids hanging out watching a movie.
The next morning Fischer was up bright and early.  He could not wait to open presents.  Santa had come and he could not wait any longer.
Fischer was SO excited to be getting a real motorcycle.  
Griffin Loved his "flinstone" truck.  He sat in it the entire time we opened presents.  He would climb out, grab a present, take it back to the truck, open it, and then place his gift in the back of the truck bed. 
After presents had been open, Fischer wanted to try out his motorcycle.  He was a bit timid to try it himself, so Dad hopped on with him to help.
While we were out, his friend down the street came driving by.  Santa had given him a motorcycle as well.  They both thought it was pretty cool that they each got a bike.
That night we went to Karl's parents for dinner and more present opening. It was fun having Karl's brother Craig and his family in town.  It made for a full house but a fun night.

 Fischer and Griffin had fun playing with their cousins that they don't get to see often.

We feel very blessed that we were able to share this holiday with those we loved.  We missed those that could not join us and thought of them during this holiday season.  We love getting together and celebrating this special time of year. Merry Christmas!

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Brooke said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas! Glad we were able to share part of it with you! Love you all! I can't wait to see little Drake next year on Christmas! Good luck getting a picture of all 3 boys in their jammies!