Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zumba Challenge

So I've recently signed up for Zumba classes and I've decided I'm going to take the Zumba Challenge. What do I have to loose right? The challenge is to see who can loose the most percentage of weight loss in a 15 class period. The weigh-in is this coming Tuesday and I think it ends on July 15th. I'm excited about this but somewhat nervous too. I've never had much success loosing weight when I wanted too. So hopefully this will be a good experience.


Parker and Jes said...

Sounds like a great challenge! Things like this help me stay motivated and committed to my work-outs even if I'm not losing weight.

Kaylee said...

I think this sounds like something you will love! I did some aerobics classes last semester at BYU and was introduced to Zumba. I have to say I was not that talented, but I think your dance experience will allow you to be way more successful than I was! Good luck!

Sarah Carroll said...

Zumba sounds really fun. Good luck with the Zumba challenge! :)