Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Someone To Be Proud Of

I wanted to write a little bit about someone I really have been proud of lately, my dad. My dad has struggled with his weight for a long time. Recently he signed on to what is called the 100 day heart challenge. It basically works the same way as the TV series the Biggest Looser. Out of I think 91 applicants they take 15. My dad was one of them. Him getting into the program was no easy task. There were some that apparently did not think he should be apart of it. After doing a variety of tests they realized that with his health and the way his future was going that he was one of the contestants that needed the help the most. He has been working SO hard. I know this is not easy for him and my dad like the rest of our family has a great love of food. I just can't believe he is finally doing this, doing something, taking initiative of his life. In that sense he is my hero, he is doing something that many people won't or don't think they can do. I couldn't be more proud. He has inspired me to better myself. I love him so much. To read his story and about his progress thus far click here or click Brian Andreason in my friends and family section on the right. Please help in offering support and encouragement.


Brooke said...

That is awesome, I wish him tons of success. It is SO hard to make the changes for a life time!

Parker and Jes said...

That is wonderful! What a great example and inspiration. Making life changes can be so difficult--but he'll have all of you for support!

*Marie* said...

That's great. Good for your dad. And what an example to the rest of the family.