Saturday, March 16, 2013

Meeting the Utah Jazz Players

Karl got tickets to a dinner with the Utah Jazz.  Neither one of us had been so we weren't really sure what to expect but it was pretty neat.  It was a semi-formal charity event where everyone comes wearing sneakers.  Kind of weird but fun at the same time.  Karl and I decided to take Fischer with us.  It was fun to get to interact with all of the players.  Fischer was a little unsure with how tall they all were but he seemed to have a good time.
Meeting Coach Tyrone Corbin

Fischer taking his turn shooting hoops with the pros.

Derrick Favors, Jazz Power Forward

Karl did a 3 point shoot-out with Enes Kanter, Jazz Center.

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hay.stemie said...

That is so cool! I am a little jealous ha I'm glad you had a good time :] Love ya!