Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I have the funniest 3 year old.  The things that come out of that kid's mouth are priceless.  I've compiled a few of the most recent and most common phrases that I like to term Fisher's Fischisms.

  • "Me Growl at Him!"
    • The story behind this is we were having a Family Home Evening lesson on sharing and we used the example of Fischer what would you do if Griffin took your toy. Hoping for an answer along the lines of sharing instead Fischer  responded with the above using the replacement word of "growl" for yell.  Now whenever he's yelling at us or he feels he's being yelled at he tells us that  "{insert name: ex: Daddy}growl at me." 
  • "Me have big head."
  • "Me miss you whole time." or " Me miss you real bad"
    • Always heart clinching when leaving for work or when putting him down for bed.  That boy sure knows how to work it.
  • "No Freeze balls off, balls stay on balls"
    • I just want to say I blame Karl for this one.  Karl mentioned once when he was leaving on a winter campout with the scouts that he was going to "freeze his balls off" now whenever Fischer is cold or isn't cold we get the above. 
  • "Me BIG, me STRONG!" (As his little noodle arms are being flexed)
  • "Me Sad, Me cry"
  • "Me like you lots"
  • "Me like hot girls"
Sure do love this little man.  

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Jen Almond said...

So cute! Love the hot girls:)