Saturday, June 24, 2017

Bear Lake

Karl had a work thing at Bear Lake. We decided to tag along.  While he worked, the boys and I played.
We had hoped all three boys would sleep in the same bed but once we turned the lights out Drake would have nothing to do with it and ended up sleeping with Karl and I.
 The first morning we were there we stopped at this Crepes and Coffee place.  On the drive up Karl's coworker had mentioned this Crepes place and said it was a must try.  I LOVE crepes so this was a must for me.  It was really good.  The boys enjoyed all the different options and I was in Crepe heaven.
 After breakfast I took the boys to a go-kart raceway place.  I wasn't really sure they would let the kids ride/drive but they were awesome. I had called ahead to ask so I wouldn't have to deal with any meltdowns or upset kids there but they were more then accommodating.  They let Fischer drive his own and got him rigged up with pillows so he could reach the peddles comfortably while Griffin, Drake, and I drove the side by side.  The boys LOVED the race track.
 Afterwords we drove around a bit and found this fun local park.

 For lunch we stopped at Merlin's. They also had an outside playplace that the kids had fun playing at.
 That night we met up with Karl and his coworkers for dinner and to go to Shrek the Musical.  Utahna, the coworker that arranged the getaway meeting, was nice enough to give me the ticket information so that I could get the boys tickets close to everyone.  We were all able to sit together which was nice and fun.
The boys loved watching Shreck.  There favorite part was when Shreck and Fiona got into an all out burping and farting war to see who could do it better.  They laughed and giggled non-stop. 
On Friday Utahna had rented boats for everyone to enjoy.  So we spent the day out on the lake.
The boys didn't take any time at all getting comfortable

Our boat gang.  There was another boat as well

 Karl and Fischer were the first to go out on the tube.

Daddy was trying to show off his tricks to Fischer

Fischer showed off his tricks with the help of dad
 Next It was Griffin's turn.

Drake didn't want to go with Daddy so he and I went instead.  The boat kept a slow pace and he actually ended up falling asleep during his tube ride.
 Karl even let all the boys have their turn at driving the boat.

 We stopped back at the dock for a quick potty break and it was surrounded by fish.  The boys enjoyed watching them swim around and eat the food we were throwing to them.

 Griffin had taken a liking to coworker Jen.  He sat by her and talked her ear off the entire boat ride.
 We decided Daddy should have a turn on the tube himself.

 Fischer was on flag duty.

Afterwords we stopped at La Beau's for their famous shakes.
 On the way out we spotted this beautiful butterfly on the fence.

For dinner we met up with the ladies at their cabin for dinner and smores.  

 They had a great view from their place.
It was fun getting to know some of the people Karl works with on a daily bases and they were super nice to let us tag along.  The boys loved all the attention of so many ladies and was always putting on some show for them.  We're so glad he works with such great people who happily welcomed us.  I wasn't planning on doing much with them as I didn't want to impose.  I had planned on doing our own thing with the boys as the other people's family weren't in attendance but they wouldn't have any of it and insisted we come along. It was a short but fun trip and I hope we can come back again soon.  


Kaylee said...

I'm glad you were able to be with Karl while he was away at work again. It looks like you all have a great time!

Brooke said...

It looks like such a great time! I'm so glad you were able to go and relax and enjoy some time together. I can't believe you fit so much in to a quick trip, but it looks like you had no trouble finding lots of fun!