Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Watch Out!..I mean..Fore!

Last Friday I got to go out on a hot date with my husband.  It was SO much fun.  Karl arranged to have Fischer stay at Grandma Christensen's (which he LOVED).  We started our date with dinner at Madalyn's Stake House in Sandy.  If you haven't been I would recommend it.  It was fantastic.  Then Karl surprised me by taking me to a local golf course.  I've always thought it would be fun to learn to golf so I was excited when we pulled up to the driving range.  I've never golfed, let alone held a golf club before.  Needless to say you can imagine my surprise when he pulled out golf clubs that didn't belong to him.  He got me my own set of golf clubs with a golf bag and everything.  I felt so official (I know I'm a nerd).  But I was feeling pretty cool with my own set of clubs.  We had fun whacking the ball around and surprisingly I hit a few good ones myself.  (Yay me!).  I can't wait to go again and get more practice in. 


Brooke said...

So glad you two had a fun night! Hope you find time to use those clubs together some more. Sounds like fun!

Ty and Mari said...

What a fun date! I have never been good at golf! I even worked on a course and ONE lesson and the teacher gave up on me! After ONE lesson! Oh well!

The Crystal's said...

Sounds like fun!