Saturday, July 9, 2011

First Camp Out

This year Fischer got to experience his first camp out.  Every year in June my sister and her husband put on a "crawdad fest" where we all camp out above Strawberry Reservoir.  It's usually alot of fun with lots of people, food, and dogs.  It's an event for the whole family.  Fischer had a blast even though we were only able to stay the one night.
Camping isn't complete without fire.  And what is fire without firewood.  Fischer was a great helper in gathering wood. 
Gathering all that wood is hard work. 
 Fischer actually LOVED the hammock.  He kind of took it over for most of the trip.
One of the guys that was at the camp out brought a tight line for everyone to try.  Needless to say all the adults had a fun time trying it out. 
Karl's attempt #1

Attempt #2 
Fischer then decided to show Dad how it was done. 
The dogs had a great time playing and running to their hearts content.  In total I believe we had 8 dogs. 
Enjoying Smores by the fire.

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