Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ms. Maddie

Today my sweet little niece Maddie will be undergoing Ureteral reimplant surgery.  Unfortunately this has caused much stressed for her parents.  As it would with any parent. Having now be a parent, I can appreciate those parents whose children are sick and in need of surgery or multiple surgeries.  I think about my son and how I would do anything to protect him and how some things as a parent you feel so helpless with nothing you can do about it.  We all hope an pray for healthy children. However, since that is not the case and things happen, I'm grateful for modern medicines that allow so many miracles to take place.  Maddie is a strong willed little girl and she is going to do great.  My prayers are with you and we hope for a quick recovery.  We love you cute girl!

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Parker and Jes said...

Poor Maddie! It's always SO hard to watch kids go through things like this :( I just read the email you sent me and will be getting back to you shortly--Maddie and her family have been in our prayers as well.