Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Little Birdie

The other day the dogs found this bird in the back yard.  I thought it was dead at first until Gus decided to nose the thing and it started flapping around. I knew it wasn't doing very well but I didn't have the heart to just leave it freezing face down in the snow.  So Griffin and I made a little bed and brought the bird inside to warm up.
This is how I found the bird

Griffin didn't want to leave its side.  He sat their talking to the bird and telling it that he was going to make him all better.  He even grabbed a medicine syringe (without medicine) and tried sticking it in the cage to see if the birdie would take his "pretend" medicine.  

Sadie wasnt' really sure what to think about having a bird in her dog crate.  Being a bird dog she wasn't about to leave it's side and sat by the crate all day.  
 Unfortunately the bird didn't make it. We did our best but it wasn't meant to be.

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