Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Football Game Day

The Christensen's always like to get together to watch BYU football  but that is especially true when they play Utah.  With the Christensen's getting together to watch the game we decided to make it a game/birthday get together for Fischer.

I made this cake to share and celebrate with Fischer.  I wanted to try a new frosting transfer technique that I hadn't done before.  It was really easy to do and a fun way to jazz up a birthday cake.  The cake was chocolate with a caramel pecan filling.
 The BYU game was a bit rough in the beginning.  Griffin's body language as Utah kept getting touchdown after touchdown was a perfect representation of what most of us were feeling.
 Grandma Joyce decided to cheer things up by surprising each of the kids with BYU shirts.
Just after half time we sang to Fischer and had some cake

 Some of the kids decided to take a break from the game and play outside on the tree swing. Kinsley is always great to play with Fischer and Griffin.  They all seemed to have a great time.

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