Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

This past weekend was filled with Easter activities.  We started the celebration by letting the kids paint Easter eggs.  Each of the kids got two eggs to paint and then "mom and dad" got one.  Karl wasn't around when we finally got to painting them so Fischer took it upon himself to paint Daddy's egg.  All of his eggs are more orange (since that is his and daddy's favorite color), Griffin's are the multi-colored eggs and I painted flowers on mine (I have to have at least one girly egg in the bunch right?)

On Saturday we met up at Great Grandma Clara's place for their annual Easter egg hunt.  My kids were in different age divisions so Karl went with Fischer while I took Griffin.  Unfortunately, with them in the different divisions I wasn't able to get pictures of Fischer getting eggs but they both were really excited and it was fun seeing Griffin grasp the concept of finding the eggs.  

 Fischer couldn't wait to show me his basket when we met up again.  He was pretty proud of the amount of eggs he got.

 Once the eggs were gathered, we got all the kids together for a picture with Clara.  We love that we get to share in these moments and activities with her.
Later that day Fischer says," I think someone was pretending to be the Easter Bunny because I saw a zipper." Karl and I got a good laugh out of it and then quickly changed the subject.

On Sunday the kids woke up to a basket of goodies waiting for them.  
 They loved their new bubble making machine and had a blast trying to pop the bubbles

We then headed over to my parents for an Easter Lunch. Afterwords my mom spoiled the kids with a treat and egg hunt.  

My Dad then entertained the kids with what we call "Magic Mouse" It was a game/magic trick he played with my siblings and I when we were little.  We got to talking about how long it's been since we've seen magic mouse and how many of the grandkids have never seen it.  I was glad when Grandpa decided to bring mouse to life for the kids.  
That night we made our way to the Christensen's for a dinner and some more Easter fun.  Grandma and Grandpa once again outdid themselves with a Easter egg hunt filled with treats and money.  
The kids were all anxious and ready to go.

It ended up being a long day but a fun one.  The kids loved finding all the goodies and playing with their cousins. They were really spoiled this year.  I didn't realize how much until I started putting their treats and stuff a way. Kind of ridiculous, but, I'm glad they have grandparents that love them the way they do and want to spoil them now and then.  


Brooke said...

That video of Fischer with your dad is SO CUTE! How fun that he shared that with them when it is something you remember from your childhood! I'm so glad that you had a nice Easter, and that you were able to join us in the festivities! I know you would have rather been having a baby, but we are glad you were all there. We sure are lucky to have great family so close to share these holidays with. Love your picture of the boys with their baskets at Great Grandma's. That bubble blower looks like it does a great job, I may need o get one for my own entertainment! It would be fun for pictures too!

Craig and Lori said...

Happy Easter!! We missed seeing everyone!