Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Drake's Homecoming

On Thursday, April 16th we got a call from the doctor saying that Drake was cleared to come home. We were given some strict instructions on some followup care but we were fine with that. We were just glad he was coming home. The boys had yet to meet their new brother and could hardly wait.
Drake all dressed and ready to meet the family
 Aunt Brooke and Aunt Kaylee were nice enough to come over and watch the older boys while Karl and I picked up Drake.  To help pass the time they played games and made the cutest sign.

 Fischer was holding this sign as we walked in the door.
 Fischer was instantly drawn to Drake and wanted to hold him all the time.  Griffin was a bit confused.  When we asked where baby Drake was he pointed to my belly.  When we told him that the baby Fischer was holding was Drake he looked at him and pulled the funniest face.  Brooke was able to capture this picture of it but I have to say the look he gave was priceless and the picture doesn't give the moment justice. Needless to say we all got a good laugh out of it.

Drake was welcomed home with lots of family excited to see him.  Brooke and Kaylee  got to see him when we arrived home.  Brooke and Kent brought their kids over later that day after school.  Grandma and Grandpa Christensen also stopped by.  The house was full of people excited to meet our newest family member.  The weekend was spent with family visiting and meeting Drake.
 Fischer loved that he was big enough to feed him all by himself.
 Drake couldn't believe all the family that wanted to see him.  He really is one loved little boy.

 I loved that I was able to capture this sweet moment between Drake and his oldest brother.
 After all the excitement of meeting everyone Drake was exhausted.
I'm so glad we have family close by who are excited about our family and are part of our lives.  The boys love having a baby around and even Griffin seems to have adjusted to Drakes arrival.  I hear him sneak into Drakes room every morning just to get a peak at him and tell him hi. I know three boys is going to be a handful around here but I couldn't ask for a better bunch of boys.

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Brooke said...

Such a little sweetheart. Thanks for letting us invade your house as soon as you were home. :)
And I totally agree, the picture of Griffin's reaction did not do it justice! At least you will remember when you look at the picture and can laugh about it, I know I will!