Friday, October 24, 2014

My lil' pirate and parrot

Since our neighborhood had the Halloween party tonight, I thought I would snap some pictures of the kids in there costumes before we left. Fischer could hardly wait to put his costume on.  He was so excited.  He even won 1 of the 4 prizes in the best costume category for the kids at the party.
My lil Parrot
What's a pirate without his parrot?
Captain Fischer James Christensen


After the party I took the kids to our neighbors home (and good friend of mine) to check out their AMAZING Halloween decor.  They go out every year and it is truly unique to see what they pull off each year.  It's not shown in this picture but on the other side of the house they have a duck dynasty theme/swamp with the skeleton characters playing the theme song and a swamp with a swinging girl and alligators coming out of the foggy ground.  They have this bench set up for people to stop by and take pictures at their house.  George, the owner of the home and my former boss, was nice enough to get a picture of the kids and I together.
I'm so glad we have friends and neighbors who make the holidays so much fun for everyone around.

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Brooke said...

Their costumes look great! Griffin doesn't look very happy, but Fischer is happy enough for them both!