Sunday, October 5, 2014

Griffin's Family Party

I can't believe my (not so little) baby is turning 2.  Since Mom has not been feeling well we decided to go really low key this year.  Thankfully Griffin didn't mind. Instead of cake (since Mom can't handle the sight or smell of cake lately-those dang pregnancy hormones) we decided to go for brownie sundaes.  We loved having everyone who could come join us.
Griffin was a little unsure about the candles.
 Present opening time was a bit interesting as Griffin really could have cared less. However once we wrangled him up he seemed fairly interested.

 Of course no party would have been complete without some sort of meltdown.  Guess if it's your party you can have a fit if you want too right??? Griffin decided to throw himself on the ground and just lay there.
 Later after the guest had left, Griffin and Daddy engaged in an all-out sword fight. (the swords being gifts from family members)
We love having family close enough to share in these special moments.  Thanks to everyone who came.

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Brooke said...

Glad we could make it, he sure is cute!