Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My First Wedding Cake

Anyone who knows me knows I have this crazy obsession with making cakes.  So when my friend asked if I would be available to make a wedding cake for her sister I was all sorts of excited.  As much fun as it was to do something new I have to admit that once the realization of what I was really about to do hit, it had me panicking.  The pressure and expectation of a wedding cake far exceeds any expectations of a birthday cake.  I stressed for days wanting this particular cake to be perfect.  When all was said and done I loved how the cake turned out.  All the flowers were hand-made, and each of the pearls were placed one by one. Top tier was chocolate cake with a chocolate pecan filling.  Bottom tier was vanilla cake with snickers filling.


Brooke said...

You did an amazing job as always! The flowers are beautiful!

Seat Family said...

So pretty!