Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mini Cakes

A friend of mine wanted little individual cakes to give her daughter and her husband during a combined party she was doing for them.  Her husband is a big 49er's fan so his cake was a 49er's cake with a fun surprise center (blue cake with orange frosting (Bronco's colors)-she is taking him to the 49ers/Bronco's game). Her daughter got a Frozen Princess cake. It was a sprinkle vanilla cake with colorful M&M center.

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*The Thomas 3* said...

They were perfect! They both loved them (with the exception of the husbands disdain for the blue and orange center!) The best part was that aside from being amazingly put together and decorative, they tasted even better! Thanks a ton Valerie! You're so talented and it was appreciated at our house by my whole family.