Thursday, July 17, 2014

Camping at Stawberry

This past weekend we participated in the annual Crawdad Fest camp-out. A bunch of family and friends get together camp, cook, and hang out. The kids loved being outdoors and playing with all of the other kids.
 On Friday Andy and Karl took some of the kids out on the boat to fish.

 Since there wasn't a life jacket small enough for Griffin, he and I decided to walk around the lake while the others were on the boat. 

Griffin loved getting story time with dad.

 We were having dinner and turned around to Fischer peeing on a bush.  Oh to be a boy.

I LOVE this picture.  Mostly because Fischer went through so much work to bring me these wild flowers.  Karl had taken him out fishing that day and while out Fischer picked these for me.  He kept loosing his balance and falling but he refused to let go of the flowers that he had hand picked just for me.  Love this boy.
After dinner you would find a bunch of the kids putting on a dance party near Cristy and Kevin's campsite.  Griffin loved sitting down and watching them all.
Fischer was showing off his dance tricks.
Fischer loved hanging out with Gracie.  He was practically glued to her side for most of the camp-out.  I think he had quite the crush on her and she loved the attention.  Here they are dancing together.

 Alyson and Fischer were ready to head to the lake to catch Crawdads
 The dogs loved hanging out at the lake too.

Fischer sitting on Gracie's lap.

Griffin also found a little friend
Fischer catching his first Crawdad.
 That night all the boys cooked and we had the big crawdad boil.

Love being able to hang with my sisters.
I'm glad that we got the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.  It was fun, but it was nice to be home to a hot shower and a warm bed. 

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Brooke said...

So glad you had a fun time!