Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter was a lot of fun for us this year. The Monday before Easter we took the opportunity to sit down with the kids and explain the real importance of Easter.  We made Resurrection rolls as we explained the events of Jesus Christ's last week. Fischer was in awe that the marshmallow in the rolls had disappeared leaving nothing behind.  While we waited our "3 days" (the rolls were cooking) we decided to decorate our Easter Eggs.  
From left to right on who decorated which egg: Valerie, Griffin, Karl, Fischer
I made these fun Easter cupcakes.
Fischer was so excited about the Easter Bunny coming and  it was fun to see Griffin enjoying the funness of the holiday. 
Easter morning the kids awoke to their baskets filled with books, games, umbrellas and a kite.
 The kids enjoyed finding the Easter eggs that were left out by the Easter bunny.

They loved their baskets
 Later that day the kids got dressed up in their Easter best for Church.

 That evening we enjoyed hanging out at Grandma Joyce's.  This year was special cause Craig, Lori, and the kids were here to enjoy it with us along with a bunch of Joyce's family members.  It was fun getting to see people we don't normally get to very often.

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Brooke said...

They look so handsome! And Griffin looks all grown up!